What Should You Feed Your Dog


Image result for DogA Dog’s Balanced Diet
Your dog needs a well balanced diet with natural and holistic food to live a long healthy life just like we do. Just like us, they need a diet which includes animal meat proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals. So their food should consistent of fresh meat and vegetables and either rice or pasta or cereals.
Commercial Dog Food is NOT Nutritious
Most people feed their dogs commercial packaged dog food because they think they are not supposed to eat “people” foods and that these products are specialised for dogs nutrition needs and therefore is the healthiest thing to feed them.
Commercial packaged dog food is NOT healthy and is NOT designed for their nutrition, the products are designed to be made cheap with chemicals and preservatives and low quality meat in order to yield big profits.
Commercial Dog Food is Unhealthy and Reducing Lifespan
Commercial packaged dog foods are actually significantly decreasing our dog’s health and lifespan. Veterinary studies show that with all the new vaccination technologies to protect them against disease, the average dog should now live into its late teens and some into their late twenties. Despite this the average age for dogs is sadly only 11 years old. Why aren’t they reaching their healthy potential, – Because of their lack of the nutrition and the wrong, harmful food that we are feeding them.
What is Wrong with Commercial Dog Food
This is what is wrong with commercial packaged dog food:
A� It can legally contain less than 25% actual meat and the other 75% is just chemical fillers.
A� Even products that are advertised as natural containing no chemicals or preservatives usually always does, because there is a loop hole that allows them to use products already containing chemicals as long as they do not add more in the production process.
A� The chemicals and preservatives used are scientifically proven to cause many diseases including cancer, organ dysfunction, organ failure, birth defects, hair loss and behaviour problems.
A� The chemicals and preservatives used are scientifically proven to significantly reduce the lifespan of your dog. Studies have shown that dogs can live as long as 27 years, however with because of commercial dog food the average life expectancy for a dog is sadly only 11 years.
A� The meat used in dog food is not regulated like meat used for people, it can legally contain road kill, our euthanised pets that have died at the vet, euthanised zoo animals, and diseased farm animals that have died.
What Should I Feed My Dog,
The best way to feed your dog fresh food is through home cooking. They should have certain portions of each type of food for a true balanced diet in order to reach their full healthy potential and to live a long life.


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