Using The Ooma Telo Handset For Home Phone Calls


Image result for Ooma Telo HandsetOoma is a leading voice over IP solution that claims a nearly-free telephone system. The Ooma Telo is the newest model, with the Ooma Telo handset being the accompanying mobile device for the system. Users don’t have to purchase this model, but it does have its benefits for buyers.
Compared to other headsets, you will pay about the same price for the Ooma Telo handset. You may find coupons in some retailers that will get you below the $50 that the piece usually sells for. Sometimes Ooma has promotions where existing customers may give out coupons to others who do not already have the Ooma voice over IP system.
Synchronizing your headset with the Ooma contacts database in your Ooma panel is possible with the headset. You won’t get this type of functionality with other headsets, so it’s definitely a major selling point. Otherwise you may have to spend a good hour putting in numbers and names. Instead, Ooma headset users push a button when they add all their contacts from their online panel.
Ooma users get much more than just a phone. The Ooma headset also doubles over as an intercom system. So long as you have enough headsets and the required base station, you can contact other phones in the house much like you would a walkie talkie system. It can also act as a baby monitor, which can go for $50 by itself. The Ooma headset is quite versatile in what it can do, and for the price, it’s astounding.
Not all is great for the Ooma Telo headset. It does have its share of pitfalls, such as the response of the phone. You can enter a number as quickly as you like on the keypad, but seeing the numbers on the LCD screen will appear as if the phone is lagging. Perhaps the phone doesn’t have the best hardware, or it was something overlooked. Either way, the phone could be a lot faster than what it currently is- but this isn’t a huge problem.
Last but not least, we have the design of the phone. There are no complaints in the design department. It’s a futuristic looking phone with large numbers, buttons, and easy to read symbols. It doesn’t take much time at all to learn what the different buttons do, and the menu system can easily be figured out without having to look at the manual. The only bad thing to say is that the phone has an LED that is always on when its charging- and a bright one at that.
In Conclusion
You won’t have many complaints about the Ooma Telo headset. The excitement will come from seeing what Ooma puts out next- hopefully something to take advantage of picture messaging, video messaging, and better response times.


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