Using Icing As An Edible Food Decoration


Image result for Food DecorationWhen a cook or chef uses icing as a way to decorate food it can not only extremely appealing to the person eating it but for those that love to cook it’s an enjoyable experience. One of the most common edible food decorations is icing; this is mainly due to the fact that using it can be easily taught as a skill and it does not require any advanced techniques and knowledge on how to do this. There are many baking tips online and even at some offline culinary schools that you can learn how to properly utilize icing.
Let’s examine some of the more popular methods of using icing as an edible food decoration. Use butter cream icing whenever you are baking cakes or cookies. Most of the time butter cream icing is used by pastry chefs; it has an enticing taste and can make someone crave for more.
There are two methods that are used to apply icing; primarily the spatula is used to spread icing on the surface of the food. However at times what is known as a decorating bag is used when the cook or chef wants to create a design that makes it more appealing to people that are going to eat the pastry.
With respect to designing the cake, you can employ lettering styles, which is done mainly for birthday and special occasion cakes or you can use swirl patterns which are extremely popular on cupcakes.
More advanced pastry chefs have mastered the art of creating, flowers, footballs, houses, baskets and other seemingly hard designs. These become even more difficult when you begin to apply colors to them. There are three types of edible icing that are most commonly used. As we indicated butter cream is undoubtedly the most popular. Next there whipped cream which is also used quite often and finally what is called chocolate ganache. Most top pastry chefs use fondant as an advanced method of applying icing.


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