Use a Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6 HDMI Extender to Reduce Device Clutter


Image result for HDMI ExtenderAs more advanced electronic devices enter the home and office environment, more high-definition television sets and monitors are being placed on desks, counters and walls. Consequently, it wasn’t long before people wanted a way to place HD devices further away than allowed by HDMI cables. That’s where an HDMI Extender and HDBaseT technology can help reduce the wire clutter and move devices away from the display.
Use HDMI Video Extender to Distance Displays From Peripherals
The home entertainment market has enjoyed tremendous expansion in the last few years by shifting away from analog to digital, high definition digital and even 3D displays. You’ve probably participated in this expansion as evidenced by the Blu-ray DVD players, gaming consoles, digital cameras and high definition televisions in your living room or home entertainment area. The same expansion probably has gone on in your office conferencing areas as well.
A new set of power and communication cables accompanied each new device. The stiff and short HDMI cable was yet another challenge introduced by HD televisions and devices. Soon the term “cable management” found its way into your vocabulary as you searched for ways to thread and hide each cable behind your entertainment area.
Eventually you moved the television display off the stand and onto the wall. That’s when you started wondering why those darn HDMI cables were so short. However, you experienced a new freedom by hanging the television on the wall. In fact, your wife may have pointed out that since the TV was on the wall couldn’t you also move the rest of the electronics away from the TV, You had to admit, that side of the room was ‘fat’ with technology. Achieving a more feng shui interior appearance by minimizing the clutter of electronic devices was an appealing challenge.
Enter HDBaseT Technology
A high-definition television uses an HDMI connection which is limited to a few feet. The cable is thick and stiff making it very difficult to finesse behind other devices. The answer to this problem is to use a long range HDMI extender and flexible, inexpensive network cable, Cat5/Cat5e/Cat6. The HDMI extender uses HDBaseT technology to connect an HD display or other HD device over long distances. HDMI signals with uncompressed HD 1080p and audio can be transmitted from the source cable box or satellite receiver up to 330 feet (100m) to your high-definition display.
Eliminate the short and stiff HDMI cable and replace it with up to 330 feet of Cat5/6 cable and an HDMI video extender. Now your television set can be quite a distance away from the other devices. In fact, you can use this same technology to place another HDTV display in a different room and yet share power, audio, video, power, and infrared control.


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