Toyota’s Safety Tech’Guardian’ to Be Available’From the 2020s’

Toyota's Safety Tech ‘Guardian' to Be Available 'In the 2020s’

Toyota Motor Corp’s Automatic Security technology”Guardian” will be available”in the 2020s,” Gill Pratt, chief executive officer of This Toyota Research Institute, said on Monday at Las Vegas.

The version is significantly more restricted compared to Toyota’s full self-driving system, which it labels its own”Chauffeur” technology, but”the automobile if it had to could drive itself,” Pratt told reporters following a news conference in the annual CESglobal technology conference.

The technology will soon be provided to other automakers, he explained.

Toyota has been pursuing a dual-track plan for creating its self-driving vehicles.

Ryan Eustice, the Toyota Research Institute’s senior vice president of automatic driving, known as Guardian”a super advanced driver assistance”.


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