Tick Bites: Lyme Disease Symptoms


Image result for Tick BitesLyme disease, also referred to as infection, is a bacterial illness transmitted to humans when ticks bite them. The deer ticks carry a bacterium that is called Borrelia burgdorferi, harbor it and spread to anyone they are feeding on.
People who have the greatest possibility of obtaining Lyme disease are those that live in grassy and wooden areas. These are the places where ticks carrying this disease, live. For people who reside in such areas and have a great risk of having Lyme disease, it is important to take some precautionary measures.
If you start receiving treatment as soon as the disease has been diagnosed, and in the early stages, there would be higher chances of recovering completely with the help of antibiotics. In case the treatment began in later stages, the response may become a bit slow but complete recovery is still possible.
The signs and symptoms of Lyme disease will not be the same for everybody because various parts may get affected due to it. Thus, its symptoms would differ from one person to the next. Generally, the following symptoms are experienced:
Rashes are a sign that may begin to appear either in a few days or in a month’s time. These small, red bumps may form in the place where the tick bite has taken place. In a couple of days, the rash may become either the size of your fingertip or that of around twelve inches. This is one of the most common symptoms of Lyme disease and serves as a trademark of it. It affects around seventy to eighty percent of people who are suffering from it.
In case the person who was bitten is sensitive to the saliva of the tick, redness may start appearing just at the time of the bite. However, this would be different from the usual rash which is known as erythema migrans as these would disappear within a few weeks and will not enlarge and become redder.
Other symptoms include fever accompanied by chills, ache in the body, fatigue, and severe headaches. Other people may experience less common symptoms, such as heart problems and an irregular heartbeat, hepatitis and severe fatigue.


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