Three Free Weight Loss Tips


Image result for Weight LossI just lost 22 pounds in a 4 month period and I couldn’t be happier about it. While I’ll be the first to admit that it definitely took some work, it wasn’t nearly as hard as you’d expect it to be. The biggest challenge was establishing discipline and getting into a routine. It all comes down to making sure you do the same right things over and over, and you’ll therefore see the results that you’d hope to see. Those who can’t be consistent and slip up here and there end up seeing less progress, getting discouraged, and regressing to their former weights. Here are my three weight loss tips, all of which I believe that you’ll find valuable and useful, as long as you actually follow them.
Try going without sugar altogether. The only thing with sugar that you should have is something like fruit, which has naturally occurring sugars. Stay away from diet sodas too, as chemicals and artificial sweeteners are just as bad.
Try eating three pieces of fruit per day. This ties into my first thing, but you’ll basically not have as much of as desire for foods with sugar if you do have this fruit. You’ll find that fruit is a great natural and healthy source of free food.
Cut out whatever else it is you’re drinking, and try sticking to water, unless you’d like to go with 100% fruit juice. The idea of this is that you’ll limit calories with a very healthy substitute, keeping your body hydrated in the process.


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