The New iPhone 4 – Test it and Keep it For Free


Image result for iPhone 4Apple computers has unveiled the fourth iPhone. And if you believe it only brings minor improvements as compared to the previous version then you are horribly wrong. The iPhone 4 (or the 4G as it has already been nicknamed) is a completely new device.
Don’t be fooled by the similar looking body as underneath the shell, Apple’s new gadget is packed with never seen before features such as a revolutionary new screen and two cameras that you can switch between at any time during a video call.
The new iPhone will undoubtedly be at least as successful as the previous versions. So you’re probably wondering how on earth you could get one for free. Well, some companies require your help in promoting various kinds of offers and are willing to trade the hottest gadget on the market for your help. So here’s what you will have to do:
Find one such offer, submit your email and then check out the steps you will have to go trough next in order to have a brand new iPhone delivered to you doorstep cost free. Popular offers are the “test and keep” type where you will receive the gadget in exchange for your unbiased opinion and a full review of the features which the advertiser will use for commercial purposes (such as including it in various kinds of advertisements, magazine articles or online content).
I think it’s a pretty good deal considering the fact that you have absolutely nothing to loose. So get on it and you could soon be boosting in front of your friends with you new toy.


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