The Many Benefits of a Raw Food Diet


Image result for Raw Food DietMore and more people seem to be considering eating a raw food diet as a why to a long and healthy life. We are beginning to see that eating foods that are highly processed are having a detrimental effect on our health and well being.
Consider that many of our health concerns could be alleviated by consuming a diet with more enzymes and nutrients. If you can’t properly digest your food you can end up being overweight or having all sorts of digestive problems. Aging only contributes to the problem as we tend to lose the ability to digest our foods properly.
Poor digestion means we don’t get all the nutrition we need from our food to have our bodies operate properly. As a result we can lose our health and we end up with unhealthy skin, poor cholesterol, loss of memory and bone and joint problems. Not getting enough nutrition can also result in sleep disorders, weight gain and loss of energy and vitality.
Consuming food that is in its natural and unprocessed state means we are eating food that is considered live and that all the vital nutrients and enzymes have been kept intact.
When eating raw foods it is important to remember to not consume cooked foods at the same time as this can result in the stomach producing more acid resulting in indigestion. Another good rule is to eat as many organic fruits and vegetables as possible to avoid ingesting pesticides, herbicides and waxes.
What Is the Job of Enzymes, There are several different types of enzymes including amylase that helps break down carbohydrates (sugars and starches); protease that breaks down animal protein and lipase that breaks down fat found in dairy products and animal protein.
Eating a raw food diet means eating uncooked, organic, whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. Legumes, dried fruit and seaweeds can also be consumed in a raw diet. In fact, eating a diet of approximately 75% uncooked food is considered a raw diet.
Our ancestors ate a more raw diet as they didn’t process or eat only cook foods. For the most part their fruits and vegetables were eaten raw and water came from a natural source.
Eating a more raw diet is a great way to be in harmony with the natural world around use as well as our own natural body rhythms. Eating raw, live foods takes more time to chew them and more energy to digest them and as a result we also get more enzymes and more nutrients.


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