The Internet for the Disabled


Image result for Internet for the DisabledThe internet is one place the seniors, home bound and the disabled can go to do their shopping to save money if they can get there. And the most convenient thing about it is the products will be delivered to your door. No need for embarrassing trips to the store to let everyone know your business. There is no private way to shop at the super market or the mall. With all those prying eyes watching you and what you buy.
Often times the navigation in a healthcare products website is complicated. In addition, finding different types of products can be difficult if there not easy to get to. Example, there are dozens of catheters to choose from, a shopper could get confused with too many choices not properly the web site.
The Internet promises to eliminate disabling spaces by creating a barrier-free virtual commons where consumers of all types can interact in the marketplace, unhampered by limitations such as those related to geography, education, ethnicity, and disability status. Assurance of access is not automatic even if computers and the Internet are available. Both industry and academic web studies show that a substantial number of web sites are not useable by persons with disabilities since their content is not transmitted accurately, clearly, or completely.
Because of these limitations, a sizable number of seniors are likely to experience difficulties shopping. Statistically, persons with disabilities represent 54 million or 20% of the United States’ population, larger than the size of major ethnic groups such as Hispanics at 39.9 million or Blacks at 35.8million. That is, one out of five persons who log on to any retail store can have one or more disabilities.
There is no appropriate ways for me to put it that would adequately explain the frustration a disabled person may feel while shopping on the internet. Saving time isn’t a real issue with these people but not running into stumbling blocks every time they turn around. Just imagine waiting for a screen reader to relate to you what’s on your monitor or searching only to find out the product is not what you wanted after all. Being disabled is not just the loss of use in legs or arms it could also mean the loss of your sight or hearing.
Now, try to imagine shopping for healthcare products on the internet and you are bond to save money you will have the ease of choosing the right product for yourself.
The medical expertise provided can vary from non medical for assisted living services. Non medical services provide assistance for comfortable stay at home for the seniors. An assisted living facility provides passage for shift in stay for those unable to live at homes. The profit margins with the above business opportunity are growing tremendously; Medical devices, human drugs (especially generic drugs). Some measures include the modernizing of the standards for producing and manufacturing these products, increased supervision of the manufacturing process, the development of new screening tests, the improvement of safety reviews for various devices, increased level of sampling, and so on.
Whether for a few hours/week, or 24 hours a day, non-medical home care is perfect for those who would prefer to remain in their own home as opposed to moving into an adult community. Home care services range from light housekeeping, transportation, medication reminders, errands, meal prep and assistance with activities of daily living. This type of home care is usually referred to as companion or personal care and can be extremely effective for those recovering from an illness or injury often increasing and prolonging one’s independence.
Home health care agencies provide more than just personal and companion care. Home health care agencies staff skilled care givers with varying specialties. Home health care services can include physical therapy, medication management, wound care, as well as additional services provided by licensed nurses. This type of home care is appropriate for those suffering from chronic illness, recovering from an acute injury or illness that may need skilled care to stay at home.


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