The In’s and Out’s of VOIP Technology


Remember the time when cellphones were not yet popular and everyone was using hand held or wireless analog telephones, It wasn’t until cellular phones became inexpensive that mobile cellphones became very popular. The became more accessible to the “average” person. The exact scenario is happening with VOIP technology. VOIP technology is being used to speak to someone halfway around the world or even just around the corner because you are also ca[able of seeing the person you are speaking to with the video phone,which used the VOIP technology. The savings between using VOIP compared to using a land-line telephone are quite significant. It is an excellent alternative which allows you not only to see the person you are speaking to but also offers you substantial savings on your monthly telephone bills. It enables you to talk to anyone at any time for one low monthly cost. This technology is also expanding into the business arena as well. VOIP technology is also becoming a very popular choice for business owners.
VOIP offers its users a wide array of benefits. All you need is an internet connection and an electrical outlet! Unlike some other systems, that require a PC, an internet connection, a microphone, and a headset in order to work. Why go through all that hassle, when a much simpler solution is available to you right now, Analog (land-line) telephones are a thing of the past. Analog telephones are expensive to maintain and making long distance calls will only make your monthly bill even higher.
Another advantage to having VoIP technology is that you are able to make unlimited calls anywhere in the world. Consider this, if you are on a land-line telephone making a call to someone that is miles away, you will be charged every minute you spend talking to that person. Remember, telephone companies charge by the minute not per call. This makes for a very fast conversation with the person on the other end of the telephone. In fact, certain VoIP companies charge a flat rate per month regardless of how many hours you spend talking.
Instead of limiting yourself to talking to a single person, why not talk to more than two at the same time. This makes business meetings and conference calls more convenient since everyone can be listening at the same time and can share details real time since VOIP calls do not have any delays. All calls are made “real time”
VOIP also allows you to enjoy other features like conference calls, call waiting, caller ID, and much more, These same features offered with a land-line telephone would have an additional cost through your telephone provider. VoIP is portable so wherever you go, you can still use VoIP as long as there is an internet connection. VOIP technology offers the best of both worlds!


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