The Holistic Approach to Exercise and Losing Weight!


Image result for Holistic ApproachMost people hate exercising and more than often make excuses why not to do it. Why not try a different kind of exercise enhancing both body and mind called ‘Yoga’. The demands of life are constant in our everyday lives, it is so easy to get lost within it. Yoga assists us in coming back to ourselves, exploring our inner world using a range of techniques including; relaxation and meditation. Here are 5 benefits of doing yoga to enhance your weight loss and live a healthier life both inside and outside.
1-Mind and Body Connection
The body and mind are connected as the mind is a very powerful you put your mind into a great place your body will follow. This is what yoga sets out to achieve. Without this mind-body connection you are out of sync with your body. This is not what you need when you are trying to lose weight, they both have to work together to achieve the one goal.
Yoga improves not only you mental mind but your physical body as well.These beneficial changes occur as yoga combines controlled movements with just a few sudden, strong ones. This holistic approach will assist you in reaching various goals within your life.
2-Stress Release
Yoga has been suggested to relax and create a peaceful body and improve your immune system, as it works better in an unstressed body than a stressed one. Through regular practice of yoga, your body is able to be relaxed and become peaceful, allowing your immune system to do it’s job more efficiently. While you reap the benefits of becoming less stressed and an overall benefit to your physical health.
3-Assists us in Making Important Decisions
Yoga increases our ‘self awareness’ as it gives us clarity and a sense of centeredness, putting balance into our everyday lives naturally. This clarity helps us with our decision making in one of two ways either negatively or positively. Those little decisions on whether or not you should eat that particular food becomes clearer and an easier decision to make, leading to a healthier and fitter you on a regular basis. This enable us to reach our potential goal of weight loss and healthier living.
4-Enhances Muscular Activity
It enhances your muscle activity through your respiration, circulation and digestive systems. It has been suggested that yoga can help change your psychological and cosmetic effects like; improving your skin tone and color, improving your posture and how your body bears weight. Through becoming aware of yourself, you gain confidence and self-esteem. This gives you the vitality and a positive self, helping you to achieve your goal to exercise and lose weight.
5-Releasing and Letting Go
Yoga assists us to build inner strength and relieve suffering by ‘letting go’ of and becoming in tuned with ourselves. When we practice yoga, letting go happens in all aspects of our lives: we let go of any holding on in our body, we let go of thinking and thoughts in our mind, and we let go of focusing on our emotions, becoming the healthier you!
Yoga will enrich your life with personal insights and revelations. Whether it is about losing weight or becoming a fitter you, yoga can help you on your journey to a healthier lifestyle you always wanted. As humans continue living at a fast pace and technology keeps progressing, the number of people turning within to find peace and a spiritual connection is growing rapidly. It’s not always just about the diet but the whole person both inside and out! Learn how you can have a holistic approach to losing weight all of the time!


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