The Benefits of a Detox As Part of a Raw Food Diet


Image result for DetoxIf you are following a raw food diet then a detox is a must.
There are some people in the medical profession who think that a detox or fasting, whilst having some religious significance, in some cultures is of no benefit to optimum human health.
So is there any truth in this orthodox medical belief.
The body is detoxifying itself all the time through the ordinary means of the liver and kidneys. It is when these organs become overloaded that other organs take over with the result that various liquids start coming out of various orifices in out body.
When you sleep the body has a chance to rest and expels all the toxins in your body at a faster rate than when you are awake. So you feel refreshed and ready for ” break-fast”. Fasting starts six hours after our last meal and so the period of sleep gives the body the best period in which to detox.
Also the fact we are not eating means we have no digestive effort so the detox process works even better.
When we are ill the body wants more rest to detox, so that is why we need to stay in bed longer and feel more tired.
Then we must consider the drugs that doctors prescribe,
We can also consider the drugs we take to “cure” an illness. Pharmaceuticals are toxins that are meant to suppress an illness because they are designed to stop the body from expelling the illness in a natural way.
There are side effects of drugs and in many cases leave the patient feeling worse than when they were just dealing with the illness. Medicines that are prescribed by doctors are controlled drugs, which should give us a hint about the potential side effects.
When a drug is ingested the body then has to deal with that drug and takes it’s attention off the illness itself giving the impression the person is now cured, whereas the reality is the “dis-ease” is still present.
Much better would be to not allow the toxins to enter the body in the first place. That is where the advise from a good nutritionist comes to the fore. In this way the symptoms of the sickness disappear and there is no need for drugs.
The symptoms tell us that the body is well enough to move the waste inside even if it is done in a way that makes us feel uncomfortable.
During a fast the rate at which the body expends energy is at it’s lowest so at this time it has the greatest ability to remove the toxins that are present.
Fasting in the end is the process of expelling toxins faster than they can be ingested. People think of fasting as abstinence, but the detox is done by the body itself, fasting is merely creating the causes and conditions to allow the detox to take place more rapidly than usual.
So I recommend a detox to you, and try get yourself off prescription drugs.


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