Text Neck, Are You At Risk


Image result for Text NeckToday, it is a rare thing to spot a person who will not hunch over a mobile gadget at least once a day. If you thought the so-called Blackberry Thumb was bad enough, wait until you hear about this new technology-related condition called Text Neck. It ranges from experiencing neck strain, headaches, or shoulder and arm pain which is caused by hunching over mobile devices. This is felt by anyone that obsesses much about their handheld devices, across all age groups. It is already considered an epidemic and continues to grow as there are over 6 billion connected phones around the world. Even if you estimate one person to own at least 2 phones, that would still be at least 3 billion people at risk of developing the condition.
Positive Effects of Massage on Technology-Related Pain
To prevent the pain from holding and using a gadget for too long, you can opt to use a rather awkward position by holding your gadget straight ahead with your arms outstretched. Or you should regularly take breaks by holding your head up. Once every 15 minutes would do. You can also download an app that specifically teaches you proper posture and monitors your shoulders while you are using your gadget. For parents who have youngsters who are already using mobile gadgets, this app may be set to send you reports about their posture.
For those who have been using gadgets for a long time now, trying to prevent the pain may already be too late. Having a massage can help prevent and relieve pain from Text Neck and other muscle conditions in general. Massages are known to relieve any tension build up in muscles, which include the prolonged hunching down on phones and other devices.
On top of relieving tension and muscle stress, the soothing strokes encourage relaxation. This effect even lingers long after the massage session is over. Also, the firm pressure helps to correct your posture by encouraging the muscles to return to their proper positions.
Most injuries that need rehabilitation would heal faster when regular massages are undertaken. As a form of treatment, a stronger dose of massage is just your ordinary trip to the chiropractor. Not only are muscles benefited from massages, but the body is also internally affected. Massaging helps improve blood circulation which leads to lowering blood pressure and even boosting the immune system.
For those who have just started using handheld devices, you can very much prevent getting the Text Neck condition with proper posture and taking breaks from hunching down. For those who have already the condition, you might still want to try correcting your posture. in the meantime, enjoy a session of massage to relieve the pain.


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