Technical Copywriting: Grab and Hold Your Customer’s Attention


Image result for Technical CopywritingEvery new technical product has a wow factor–it’s faster, smaller, more reliable, more precise than the competition. But too many companies miss that wow factor or bury it too deep in their copy. To identify your wow factor and give it the top billing it deserves, follow these five steps:
Step 1. Make sure you know your customer’s priorities, which might be quite different from yours, whether you’re the designer, engineer, manufacturer or distributor. AT&T discovered this truth when the nifty wrap-around antenna on their iPhones interfered with reception. When marketing your product, emphasize the customer’s priorities even if that means downplaying your finest engineering achievement.
Step 2. Think problem/solution/next steps. Your technical product is solving a problem for the customer. Identify the problem, the solution and what the customer must do to benefit.
Step 3. Concentrate on selling points the customer can see, feel, hear, taste or measure. Allow nouns and verbs to carry your message, not adjectives or adverbs. If accuracy to 5 microns is important to your customers, your text should state “accurate to 5 microns” rather than relying entirely on vague terms like “extremely accurate.”
Step. 4. Select your language to empower, not overwhelm your customer. In an effort to be concise, technical companies sometimes cram 10 selling points or solutions into one long sentence or string of nouns (“a robust email marketing newsletter solution service”). Take the time to be clear, then worry about being brief.
Step 5. When you’ve captured each of your product’s selling points in one sentence, put the strongest sentence at the head of your copy. After that sentence grabs your customers’ attention, you can detail the other advantages you offer. But first find the sentence. Customers can absorb only a limited amount of new information at once (some research suggests a 4-item limit). Stay will within those boundaries at the start of your copy.
As tempting as it is to use your marketing copy for self-congratulation, remember that your audience is sitting back asking “What’s in it for me,” Answer that question quickly and you’ll definitely wow them.


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