Teaching Economics and History – Greece’s Economy Today and Ancient Greek Life


Image result for Teaching Economics and HistoryRecently, our think tank which happens to operate online was discussing the need to teach economics in our schools. The reason being is that we need an educated electorate, which is well schooled in economics if we ever hope or expect them to vote for a fiscally responsible government. It seems people don’t understand economics, or economic history. But they should.
It is quite evident this is a serious problem judging by the amount of credit card debt people have, and the number of people who took out loans, that they either knew or should have known they could never pay back. It would seem that folks who voted for more social services and entitlements would have known that the money does not grow on trees, that it must come from somewhere, and the needless borrowing and printing of money is about the worst thing you can do for an economy.
One of the things that our think tank came up with is that maybe rather than teaching economic history of the United States, because those history books have been so watered down with political correctness, making FDR out to be a hero for instance, they would serve no purpose in the lesson of fiscally responsible government – is that the teachers perhaps could teach the economic history as far back as possible of another nation.
From there the kids might begin to consider how everything is interrelated when it comes to economics, society, and a strong civilization. Now then, I would like to recommend a very good presentation and DVD which talks about ancient Greece. And as you know Greece has been in the news over the last couple years because it nearly defaulted on its debt, and is now in the middle of a big austerity program which was met with huge protests. In any case the name of the DVD I’d like to recommend is;
“DVD – Ancient Greece 5000 Years of Magnificent Wonders” edited and produced by Questar Media, Chicago, IL, (2006), 1:40 hours, ASIN: B000FS2W94. (Extra Bonus Features include: Acropolis and Inside Ancient Greece).
By teaching ancient Greece all the way forward, through the trials and tribulations, the students can quickly see how excessive expenditures, or plundering of the nation’s financial resources will eventually lead to its downfall. Indeed we’ve come to the conclusion that this is the best way to teach economics, so that our kids today who will be running our country tomorrow understand the full impact and serious nature of the financial decisions made by the government. Please consider all this.


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