Success is For Everyone


Image result for Success is For EveryoneWe have probably seen and heard it all when it comes to “get rich quick” opportunities (or schemes). Most of us are looking for a way to live life comfortably. I’m sure most of you have seen the movie Cast Away with the phenomenal Actor Tom Hanks. If you can recall, he was the only survivor of a Fed-Ex plane crash who ended up stuck on a deserted island; While on that island, he figured out ways to cloth, feed and shelter himself using various items found on the island along with what was washed ashore in Fed-Ex packages. All the while, he was trying to figure out a way to get off that island. He barely slept; starting from his near death landing on the island, he was on a that mission was to get never stopped trying until he succeeded. Now, that concept should be applied to how you go about achieving your own personal success. Think about it, if you’re hungry, you are going to you want to be successful; you are going to go through the necessary channels to become successful.
Success should not be denied to those who do not have a Bachelors, Masters, Doctorates degree. It has been my understanding in life that has taught me that experience is the BEST teacher. DO NOT get me wrong, furthering your education is an essential tool, but in consideration of our nation’s economy, we must remember what this country, and other countries, were built on: Trade, farming, craftsmanship, natural talent, and the list goes on. And college degrees weren’t a necessity.
Simply put, you can read about the protocols on how to ride a horse, while someone else is learning how to ride a horse by getting on and riding.
The world is, and always will be at our fingertips. The demand for Online businesses and advertising has increased substantially. I am a skeptic and have even been a sucker at , I know the two contradict one another, but please hear me out. I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy making money in my own way. But I have been tricked into some of the silliest programs, organizations, and so-called online business opportunities. I even tried the pyramid years ago…please don’t laugh. But as I got older, wiser, and more eager for success, I started to realize that time and money are precious and I can’t waste either one any longer. Being my own boss is the only way for me and the Internet and I are becoming best friends; ready to take the world by storm!


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