Success As an Endgame – The Three Simple Steps


Image result for Success As an EndgameThey say if you want to know what your wife/husband looks like when they are old, look at their mother/father – (Botox and plastic surgery may alter your own viewing results).
If you are in a job or profession or industry and want to know the chances of your success in that particular vehicle, look at how people are doing who have been doing said occupation for 20 years.
The trick is to look closely.
If success is the endgame then remember it will never be the money. When you are starting out and have little or no money- money seems to be very important, but if you are looking at success as an endgame then it will never be the money – it will be the lifestyle that the work creates for you that will be important.
Therefore look closely at the person you wish to model in your chosen industry or career. Does the person who you deem successful at the end of that career path have the lifestyle you want,
For instance how much time do they control, how much actual money do they control, as opposed to owe, do they prosper as opposed to just displaying a lifestyle, Is the car leased, Does the home have furniture, How many times are they divorced, How is their health stress level, How many factors depend on them retaining that position they hold, That is, could they fail at any moment from a multitude of events that are always beyond their control, Consider as many factors as possible, because they will probably become part of your life.
If success is your endgame, find the lifestyle you would like. Now at say 20 years old, you have may have no idea what you want at 60. But there are a few easy markers. You want control of time, as little stress as possible, and money that is not tied up in credit cards and alimony payments.
If you have a hard time with the concept of success, think then perhaps of what the word ‘prospering’ means to you. Money certainly, but it also implies a sense of calm and completeness. Prospering implies perhaps, being in a place of achievement, as opposed to ongoing struggle.
In any event look at an outcome where your income is a given, and not tied to putting in yet another days work, again and again.
Here are the three simple steps that, if taken, will produce success as your endgame.
1) Create in your mind the lifestyle you would like to have at the end of the game. What kind of house would you like to have, and where is that house, What kind of vacations would you like to take, and how often, Would you like to have a family, children, pets, a farm, a mountain retreat, a lakeside cottage, or perhaps an ocean side retreat, Take some time and imagine your perfect day, who is it spent with, and where is it spent,
Of course these are merely material markers for your success, and in the end you may not care for any of them. You may elect, instead, to have the freedom not to have all these material signs of prospering, and instead elect the choice to have time and a loving family and friends as your ultimate outcome. It’s your life. Create it firmly in your mind.
(If you need some help or ideas as to how to create a lifestyle in your mind watch a video called ‘Core Influence’ by Frank Kern, available on YouTube)
2) Spend the time to find the financial vehicle that offers you the outcome you have created in your mind. Find the career, industry, occupation that if you put say 20 years into it is capable of offering you exactly the lifestyle you want.
How do you find that out, Carefully, and with very open eyes, examine the lifestyles of those who are 20 years down the road in that financial vehicle and seem to have succeeded.
3) Find a career or occupation that you would enjoy putting in at least 20 years of hard work. Being miserable for 20 years or even 10 years to attain an outcome, may seem worthwhile, and may be an option for you. But nevertheless spend some time to examine the various opportunities that you can take. It’s hard to keep working in misery, or even apathy, far better to do something you enjoy and where you can apply yourself completely. Success is a great endgame, but it is also the journey itself.
Let’s just say that again, because it is probably the most important factor to keep in mind in all of this: success is can be the endgame, but it is also the journey itself.


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