Small Business Entrepreneurs Are Great and They Would Have Succeeded Anywhere


Image result for Small Business EntrepreneursIn spite of the government regulations and bureaucracy trying to kill the success of the small business person at every turn at least one-in-five small time entrepreneurs succeed and last more than 5-years. Not long ago, I was listening to a business talk show radio station, one which is syndicated across the country, this one happens to be in North Carolina. The talk show host was speaking about small businesses, and someone called up and said that the businesses should not be so greedy, and they should hire more people.
The caller’s theory went something like this; if all the small businesses would hire more people, then everyone would have more money, and they could go out shopping, and buy more things from small businesses, and that would get the economy going. I don’t see why we should support the little guy she said until they start hiring in droves.
Well, apparently she is in good company, because the president also wants to raise taxes on small-business people, and take all of their money that they earned, because he says, “if you are successful in business, you didn’t get there on your own, the government played a big part of that,” for instance; he claims that the government built the roads, bridges, and everything else, and without the government those small businesses could have never been successful to begin with.
Well, I completely disagree, but I’m not alone, there are other authors and business people who feel the same as I do, believe that the president talked out of line when he singled out small business people.
On July 25, 2012 the famous writer, posted an article online; “Who Built My Business,” which was in conjunction with President Obama’s speech where he said that small business success was not only due to their work, but things like the education system, roads, bridges, etc. This is a common attack by communists and socialists on free-enterprise, but it is a very worthless and shallow argument against free-market capitalism never the less.
Larry Ellis noted that Picasso painted those paintings and asks how much credit does the maker of the paint, canvas, or brushes deserve, Do we negate Pablo Picasso’s greatness and give credit to the painting supply folks, Who gets the credit for that artwork,
Indeed, Obama’s comments are so out of line, he ought to forfeit the presidency, as he clearly has no clue how the free-market system is supposed to work. In fact, I’d say he thinks this way because he didn’t earn anything to become president, his handlers put him up there, and he knows it, aside from nice teleprompter readings, well, he doesn’t quite get it does he, If he’d ever built a company or run a business then he’d get it. Maybe he needs to do that, then come back to run for office, I bet he’d change his view.
Well, maybe those are some harsh words, but when someone starts attacking the small business community in this great country, I don’t think they should be allowed to get away with it, and still get reelected. Please consider this.


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