Should You Take Those Online Surveys


Image result for Online SurveysWe have all seen the wide variety of online surveys offered to us. These are a few simple tips on which ones to take and which ones to pass up.
You should always be aware that some of these sits may contain viruses or spy ware. Sometimes you don’t even have to download anything in order to get this stuff on you computer. It can cause your computer to run poorly or maybe even not at all. Not only is this a big hassle that most of us would prefer to avoid but it can be costly and very time consuming. You may need to do a system restore or systems recovery on your computer or you may even need a new hard drive.
If you see an ad promising you a car, $1000, or a new PlayStation 3 then you can bet it’s a big scam. These people make their money by getting you to sign up for offers and most require a credit card or bank account. Of course they don’t tell you that you will have to sign up for these high dollar offers. I spent many hours filling out the wonderful, limited time offers when I first got a computer. Talk about an education. I never saw a single prize but I do have email accounts filled up with tens of thousands of junk emails.
If you’re going to be truthful with yourself then you should realize that you probably have a better chance of winning the lottery than the $10, 000 prize from a drawing on the internet. This is of course assuming that they actually have a drawing and actually put your name intro it. This is another way to get you to fill out piles of paper. They will also give your email address to about 100 companies so they can send you junk mail.
Companies offering to see you a list of sites that need people to do surveys is yet another scam. These people sell you the names of companies that may not even be aware they are on this list. I have had so many problems with trail offers and so forth that I wouldn’t even do this is they offered a money back guarantee.
Unless you know the company and trust the sire then please don’t ever enter your cell phone. Most times if you read the fine print it will tell you that you have to enter a code and then it will sign you up for some type of service. They will charge this directly to you phone. You may not be able to get the phone company to take this monthly charge off your bill and odds are that you won’t be able to find the original company again.
Now that we have covered all the scams I will say that there are a few companies out there that do pay you for taking surveys. You should know before you sign up that they only pay pennies. The good news is that they do usually have other earning opportunities such as shopping online though a sponsored most of the time you can bet it’s a scam. You really just need to be realistic about things like this and make sure others are as well.


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