Should I Worry When Someone Calls Me a Computer Geek Or Nerd


Image result for Computer GeekNot long ago, I was talking to a young man at the local coffee shop, and we got into a conversation and I asked him what he did for a living, it turns out he works for the Geek Squad, which is actually a division of a company that goes around and fixes people’s computers, because folks buy technology which is far more advanced than their ability to use it. Kind of like when you buy a VCR, and never figure out how to use all the features.
And before you laugh about that, did you know that 95% of the people never use all the features on their own cell phone, something they carry around with them everywhere they go, every single day of their life, It’s utterly insane when you think about it, and yet, my acquaintance reiterated to me, that is often called a nerd or a geek. And then he said;
“I really hate it when people call my friends and I Computer Geeks.”
Well, I had a few things to say about this, because I have thought about it previously, and just yesterday I got an e-mail from another acquaintance of mine who indicated about the same thing. So here are my thoughts in case this has ever happened to you;
I wouldn’t worry about it, who cares what people think, provided they actually know “how to think” which is completely debatable at your level of cognitive ability, so you cannot compare, and thus, you shouldn’t perhaps, give a crap what they say. After all, they are just being humans. It would be like a troop of chimpanzees making fun of a regular human.
Why would the human even worry about it, So, what, I mean who cares what they think, toss them a banana, and be done with it. That’s all the really want, it’s a whole different level of cognitive ability, see that point, Well, I hope you will please consider this.


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