Red Dead Redemption Two PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro Bundles Announced


Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro Bundles AnnouncedWith Sony with a marketing tie-up using Rockstar Games for your sport, it is all but normal for there to become PS4 Lean and PS4 Pro packages for Red Dead Redemption 2. And today, they have been declared for both Europe and US. Like almost everything out of Sony, we have got connected with Sony India for remark to work out whether these packages are coming into India and will upgrade this story if this is really the situation. Though given the organization’s track record with previous packages, the Red Dead Redemption two PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro packages should make it into India.

As the Name Implies the Red Dead Redemption Two PS4 Slim and PS4 Professional packages include PS4 Lean or PS4 PRO in black and also a copy of the match. The 1TB PS4 Pro version cost is $400 (approximately Rs. 28,000) whereas the PS4 Lean options comprise 1TB and 500GB. Costs of them are yet to be declared. For some reason that the 500GB PS4 Slim package is restricted to the UK, maybe it is due to be phased out in favour of 1TB?

Also of interest is the article on PlayStation’s Europe website denotes what resolution you may anticipate for the match on PS4 Pro.

Red Dead Redemption Two PS4 PRO resolution

It’ll be interesting to determine when this is native 4K or employing methods such as checkerboard rendering to accomplish a similar impact. What’s more, the game will use this PS4 PRO’s built-in supersampling attribute .

The most recent Red Dead Redemption two trailer showed a generous quantity of gameplay over the PS4 Pro. So much so that movie game technology evaluation website, Digital Foundry was able to piece together Red Dead Redemption two’s PS4 PRO resolution. Spoiler alert: it is not 4K. Instead, it is a 12.5 percent growth within 1440p – a regular amount we see PS4 Pro supported names.

“Rockstar supplied us with a pristine, 68mbps variant of the trailer to have a look in – and there is no doubt that those huge landscapes are obscured from the 4K outputsignal, but there is more to the narrative.

And while some may feel shortchanged by the absence of pixels, there possibly a few benefits for this strategy.

“This 1920×2160 installment has other added benefits, especially the fact it is scaling only in 1 direction usually means a cleaner branch of pixels. According to what this trailer is revealing – plus it can change by launching – it is a better approach to project this huge planet to ultra HDTVs. And to put it yet another way, considering the base PS4 variant runs at 1920×1080, PS4 PRO makes is utilizing its 2.4x increase in GPU power simply by doubling the resolution. That leaves a color of GPU headroom for some other effects, or possibly a smoother frame-rate if that is an issue on routine hardware.

It’ll be interesting to find out exactly what the Red Dead Redemption two Xbox One X payoff is, even more so considering that the beefed up specifications of Microsoft’s console.




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