Putting the Pieces Together: Becoming Weight-Loss Savvy


Image result for Weight-Loss SavvyIf you’ve ever read my take on weight loss before, you may have seen me refer to odd food facts and debunk popular food myths. Maybe sometimes these ideas felt random and disconnected. You might think, okay, that’s interesting, but what am I supposed to DO with that,
Let’s take a step back and see what we get when we rearrange some of my favorite “weight loss savvy” items into a few groups.
Food Facts
– Pears have more fiber than any other fruit: TRUE.
– It’s okay to substitute frozen fruits and vegetables for fresh: TRUE.
– Greek nonfat yogurt is the best choice: FALSE.
Eating Strategies
– One of the most important snacking strategies is to buy a variety of different bags and containers of food: FALSE.
– Short, wide glasses are better for visualizing a reasonable beverage portion than tall, thin ones: FALSE.
– Reading a book while eating is better than watching TV: FALSE.
– Diets are fine, but cravings always get out of control and sabotage results: TRUE.
Mindset Issues
– Past unsuccessful efforts at weight control can be a predictor of present day results: TRUE.
– You know you need to do something to be healthier and leaner but don’t know where to start–and you don’t want to slide back to failure again: TRUE.
– It’s too expensive, time consuming, and tough for the average person to get access to truly personalized weight loss advice: FALSE.
See the bigger picture, Achieving better health by maintaining a healthy weight takes a combination much like what you see above: smart choices about what you eat (Food Facts), conscious decisions about how you treat food (Eating Strategies), and getting to the root of “what’s eating you” by changing underlying negative thinking (Mindset Issues).
The information in this list is just a random sampling of the countless food- and weight-related facts, tips, and challenges out there. Reading about them is a start, applying them to your own plan is a great next step–but you’ll never find one, single best-kept secret to successful weight loss. Weight loss doesn’t depend on just one thing.
So many diets fail for this reason. They don’t acknowledge that getting to your wellness goals takes more than robotically following a finite set of “eat this, not this” rules. It’s a process that demands you take care of your whole self–body, mind, and spirit.
If you’re ready to be more successful in your personal and business life (yes, your confidence and energy will be boosted for more success and happiness), then do seize this moment. Make today the day that you commit to finding the route to YOUR best, most empowered, leanest self. Because successful weight loss is not just about food: It’s about YOU.


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