Psychic Predictions 2013


Image result for Psychic Predictions 2013This is the year of the now. It’s about being present with current crises and a vision of hope for the future simultaneously. This theme applies to individual and collective circumstances. 2013 is about being present in multiple realities at the same time. It’s about taking notice of what fears and attachments are preventing us from crossing the threshold into the future that we desire. It’s about exercising the alchemy of manifestation and getting the job done. 2012 was very much about purging out the shadows and skeletons of the subconscious. And although there’s still some of that happening, 2013 brings greater potential to be the medicine of change. 2012 was a year of egocentricity and righteousness. 2013 is a year of hard work, discipline, service and discernment. It’s a year during which we’ll see some marked changes in consciousness and our relationship with the bigger picture.
In the United States, the House and Senate will continue to argue, but there will be compromise. 2013 is a year about recognizing when it’s time to stop throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Giving a little from one side in the interest of the needs of the collective doesn’t mean that one is completely abandoning one’s cause. Sometimes, giving a little can actually support one’s cause! The Legislature will be under more scrutiny to be effective in their jobs by bringing about change. Some of the old sticklers who do little but bellow will either be voted out of office or pressured to resign. A few will step down either due to death or illness. This partial purification of the legislature is needed in order to move forward. Divine arrangement is supporting it.
The aftermath of the Sandy Hook shooting will continue to cause heat in the issue of gun control. This topic will become highly contentious. Sadly, I see it turning violent. Please be careful if you go to any rallies pertaining to gun control. The Right to Bear Arms will remain intact but legislation to limit the types of weapons and number of them available to the general public will move through the legislature by late year – or into early 2014. One of the messages I’m receiving from Spirit on this matter is that the people who vehemently advocate for widespread availability of weapons that can kill hundreds of people in seconds need to look very closely at the meaning that these weapons hold in their consciousness – and their fears.
I see an increasing number of communities organizing to raise money for their school systems. Fundraising efforts on grassroots levels will become more commonplace as people work together to pool resources and mobilize improvements in communities with less reliance on government. Several community projects or school systems will make national headlines for their efforts – and success – in these areas.
We’ll see more natural disasters globally – including in the US. These energetic shake-ups will continue to bring people together, supporting brotherhood and compassion. I see an increasing number of Hollywood celebrities getting involved in fundraising efforts – in the aftermath of disasters and with community fundraising efforts in general. They will model compassion and generosity with increasing frequency. Although celebs haven gotten involved in such projects for a while, I’m referring to a marked increase in this trend. There will be discussion of the ways in which Hollywood’s role is changing in society. The entity once known only for glamour will emerge more clearly in an altruistic light. An increasing number of celebrities will also volunteer to get their hands dirty on the front lines of these projects. Because Hollywood impacts our culture so significantly, the collective ascension is prompting celebs to use their stardom for the higher good. Even the rich and famous are going through the motions of soul evolution and they have work to do to honor their own light.
I see a bit of a renaissance with regards to the arts and their value in society. We’ll see an increasing number of films that touch our souls and inspire us more deeply. I see a new type of music hitting mainstream that stimulates alpha and theta brain wave activity. It may be targeted toward youth and it will assist more people in aligning with their souls. More people will become aware of the energetic charge they get when they ‘zone out’ through trance and meditation – even if it’s stimulated through unexpected means!
We’ll continue to experience erratic weather patterns. These will include intense weather at seemingly odd times of the year. I also see flooding in France and fires in Southern Europe – quite possibly in Italy. I’m not clear about the cause of the fires, but they will be on the news. Now that Greece has separated from the European Union, she will seek to resurrect elements of her culture from ancient times. I see celebrations and aspects of ancient government and philosophy coming to life again. There are elements of rational thought and philosophy that will be modeled for the rest of the world. This is positive.
Technology will continue to evolve at rapid rates. New apps for our smart phones and other electronic devices will have a marked impact on how we communicate and get things done. I’m referring to something that’s different than the products we’ve already seen. These inventions they will begin to serve a seemingly robotic function – perhaps even influencing the medical field. I’m not talking about the fantasy of housemaid robots from the Jetsons cartoon or other images from decades ago. These developments have more to do with electronic tasks. I wish I could be clearer but I don’t quite understand the technology that I’m psychically tuning into.
The unemployment rate in the United States will drop by 1-2 percentage points. New jobs will be created. Many people will feel a little more freedom in their budgets. However, they will be choosier than ever before when it comes to how they prioritize their expenditures. They will look for more services and products that feed the soul. We may see cost reduction in some common retail products by year end because people aren’t going to want to spend as much money on them – especially with more information becoming available about the salary discrepancy between executives and common workers.
2012 was a year of karmic clean up and purging of truth. It produced a seemingly biblical metaphor of the days of reckoning in which people around the globe were prompted to explore the reality that we must work together to address common needs – even in the midst of fiscal crises, contentious political agendas, war in the middle east, natural disasters, and social politics. In my counseling practice, truths pertaining to relationships, careers and childhood wounds that had long been suppressed hit the surface like never before. 2012 was a year in which many people came clean. Doomsday prophecies were over-rated and new age prophecies that we’d experience the birth of a peaceful new era filled with nothing but brotherly love immediately were exaggerated. Despite millions of meditation efforts to support global healing on December 21st (in which I too participated), we woke upon on December 22nd the world felt basically the same!
So what’s coming next as we embark upon a new era,
With regards to the Mayan calendar, this is the beginning of an era that will last thousands of years. Changes will be gradual with cyclical episodes that thrust us forward (like the Civil Rights movement or the founding of the United Nations). We will experience several historical episodes of a similar nature over the next few decades including the next few years. There will be no nuclear war and no global destruction.
We are on a trajectory to establish a society has more equitable opportunities for all, balance, and justice. In another 100 years we will have more universalized healthcare, a greener environment, true equal rights, far more women in positions of power, and a greater balance of eastern, western and spiritually based healing modalities that are integrated into commonplace medicine. Integrative medicine will offer new cures for AIDS, various cancers and other debilitating illnesses. Stem cell research will snowball and a new technology involving energy healing will prompt great gains in the medical field. The technology for some of these treatments is already available but is being hidden by powerful drug companies that have political and financial agendas. In another 100 years, everyone will pay their fair share and have access to transportation, education, technology and the arts. We will not have globalized communism or complete elimination of classes. But we will have a wiser use of resources. Currently, we are collectively learning how to use them as we sort out our collective karma pertaining to material values and purge out the association of power and money. These changes will not occur overnight. We will witness them gradually in the years ahead. 2013 is a year to work hard and get things done – on individual and social-political levels.


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