Oppo’s 5G Smartphone Requires 5G CE Certificate

Oppo's 5G Smartphone Gets 5G CE Certificate

The Chinese handset Manufacturer Oppo on Monday announced its first 5G smartphone has successfully passed 5G CE tests conducted by Sporton International – a global Review services authority.

Originally showcased at Mobile World Congress 2019 (MWC) at Barcelona, the 5G phone is also the very first multi-frequency, multi-mode, and multi-EN-DC mix 5G smartphone to be approved by the CTC.

“An integral step towards the commercial launching of its 5G smartphone in Europe, Oppo’s CE certificate verifies the 5G apparatus is compliant with EU requirements essential for entering European economies in areas such as wireless, electromagnetic compatibility, health and security,” the company said in a statement.

The phone maintains benefits of the n78 ring for example more band combinations and wider bandwidth, that can be used across a wider range of countries and regions.

“This is another significant milestone in 5G development for Oppo. Through ongoing technological innovation, we’ve been preparing broadly for the realisation of 5G smartphone commercialisation. Oppo looks forward to continued cooperation with strong partners such as Sporton that will enable customers to get closer to 5G,” said Alen Wu, Oppo Global Vice President, Head of Business Overseas Markets.

The Oppo Find X has been launched last year.


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