Nintendo DS Lite – Unique Gaming Experience


Image result for Nintendo DS LiteNintendo DS Lite is a smaller, sleeker variant of the original Nintendo DS. This game console combines dual screen action with Touch Screen interaction for an exceptional gaming experience. The DS Lite system, available in seven colors, also includes wireless communication technology, by which gamers can join friends in multiplayer games.
Featuring two backlit LCD screens, the Nintendo DS Lite offers a revolutionary new approach to gaming. Each 3-inch screen is able to produce true 3D graphics. In addition the screens’ brightness can be adjusted in four different levels to adapt to various lighting conditions. The console’s lower screen utilizes Touch Screen technology for an experience different from any other hand-held console.
The DS Lite’s wireless communication technology permits up to 16 gamers to connect on a local wireless network. DS Lite packs a microphone port, allowing you to be in touch with your friends via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection in selected games, as well as interact with the game environment in new ways! This hand-held game console boasts built-in stereo speakers for best possible sound quality (with surround sound in certain games) and a headphone socket for personal play. The great audio capabilities of will throw gamers into a world of impressive sound effects and vibrant music.
A powerful rechargeable lithium ion battery pack and recharger are included with every console. The system recharges to full capacity in three hours – one hour less than Nintendo DS. The system also includes a clock, calendar and alarm functions, and you can select other details like the color of the background screen, your birthday and your nickname.


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