Monitor PC Activity – Find Out What Others Are Doing On Your PC


Image result for Monitor PC ActivityEven though you own your computer and laptop, you will be sharing your computers with your family and employees depending on the situation. At home, your computer will definitely be accessed by your spouse and kids. At the office, your staff will be working and using the PC allocated to them. You can’t prevent unwanted usage of computers, but you can keep the computer usage in check when you monitor PC activity. Tools are available for PC monitoring and surveillance and they are useful for residential and commercial purposes. You can save a lot of trouble in the future when you use suitable software programs such as these to monitor computer and internet usage.
Features To Look For In A PC Activity Monitoring Tool
The importance of surveillance and monitoring has greatly increased and so, there are numerous software types available to do the monitoring. Not all the software is useful and hence, you should ensure that your money is well spent. With the right tool to monitor PC activity, you can prevent anyone from abusing the computer and internet. Here are our top tips for system monitoring:
When you want to monitor PC activity, you need a log of every program viewed on your computer. Programs that are installed, used and removed should be reported back to you irrespective of who uses the computer. The software should monitor every single click made using your computer.

The most important feature required in a PC monitoring tool is that it should work in stealth mode. No one except you should know that monitoring software is being used. The concept of spying will be defeated when the monitoring program looks suspicious and dubious for the users. You don’t want to alert people who are being spied with a poor surveillance tool.

Time and date logs are crucial for monitoring software so that you will know the exact date and time any application is used. Without this basic time tracking, it is impossible to sort the surveillance logs based on dates.

The tool to monitor PC activity should also include a features to monitor internet activity. You should be able to know the websites visited and information shared over internet. Links to web pages that are visited by the computer user should be provided to you by the monitoring tool for instant access.

Chat messages and email messages shared using email accounts, chat accounts and social networking accounts should be available to you. The messages in real time will help you to monitor the conversation from start to finish.


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