Mental Health – How Can I Control Stress


Image result for Mental HealthWhen you ask ‘How can I control Stress,’ in part because we’ve already discussed how it can affect your health, this won’t do anything to help with stress. You can tell a smoker that he or she could contract lung cancer or COPD, but that won’t make them stop. Indeed, so far as stress is concerned, it could make matters even worse.
It could give you other stressors to worry about.
“This job’s causing me so much stress, and now I’m going to die of a heart attack.”
So we must bring your stress index way down. Bring out the old pen and paper again. Let’s assume that your job is causing you a great deal of stress, more every day. They’re piling work on you that you simply can’t cope with because there’s just too much. Write this down.
Reason for Stress. Unacceptable level of work.
1. Keep going as I am.
2. Hand in resignation.
3. Go to the boss, tell him or her that I can’t keep up.
4. Risk. Being fired.
5. Alternative. Inevitable crack-up. Burnout.
Obvious answer, go to boss.
You have to ask yourself the question. Am I really stressed over the amount of work they’re piling on to me, or am I scared stiff of being fired, Is this the deeper reason, The problem is that it’s now at the stage where you’re bringing goodness knows how much work home in an effort to catch up. Ever thought that the more you do, the more they pile on you, because they think you’re managing well,
In the final analysis, whichever way the cat jumps, a stop must be put to this, or you’re going to end up a physical and mental wreck. And this business of firing you. Do you know this for a fact, Have you proof of their action in this respect, Or do you simply imagine they will, It’s 99.9% certain that you simply think they will.
But by writing things out in this way, it’s amazing how you can reach logical conclusions that can brook no argument.
Tell them that you’ve been taking work home with you and coming in early in an effort to catch up, and it’s almost certain that they’ll be very surprised and perhaps scold you for not speaking out sooner. Frankly, if they do fire you, then they aren’t worth working for anyway. But either way, slip out from under before something very serious happens to you.
People become stressed over different things. What affects one person badly, won’t even phase another. Relaxation is vitally important, and it comes in many forms. If you’re a reader, read. If an athlete, go to the gym. But if you find that stress is interfering even with your relaxation, then something must be done about it. Don’t procrastinate and don’t run to the pill bottle.
If you can do something about the stressor, do it. If there’s nothing you can do, then Let it go


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