Medical Transcription Outsourcing – Providing Affordable and Integrated Solutions


Image result for Medical Transcription OutsourcingHealthcare services play an important role in modern life, helping maintain and improve quality of health and well-being. Healthcare services also play an important role in emergency situations. Healthcare depends on various inputs internally and externally to provide quality services. Medical transcription services provide valuable inputs to the healthcare process by creating patient records. Outsourcing this process has been found to be one of the most efficient solutions for healthcare facilities and healthcare professionals seeking accurate, speedy and cost effective services. Outsourcing medical transcription provides affordable and integrated solutions How does outsourcing provide affordable solutions,

Lowering costs: The most obvious and immediate outcome of outsourcing medical transcription is the reduction in costs. Factors like this being the core business of the service provider, the best practices established by the service provider, economies of scale help the transcription vendor in providing quality services with substantial savings.

Eliminating indirect costs: Availing these services from an outside entity also helps healthcare facilities save on indirect costs like cost of real estate, utilities, investment of transcription equipment & systems, salaries & benefits paid to transcriptionists.

Helping protect existing investments: In case the healthcare facility has already invested in a transcription system or EMR system, a technologically savvy vendor can help protect these investments by integrating existing systems to enable outsourced transcription services and by allowing for transmitting information into the EMR system using HL7 interface.

Availing services of a specialized vendor provides an integrated process not only for the actual transcription process, but also for dictation, collection of audio files, uploading files for transcription and secure, speedy modes of document delivery as per the preference of healthcare professionals and healthcare facilities.

Using software and tools: The software and tools used by the vendor provides integrated solutions to the needs of varied departments in the healthcare facility involved in the smooth running of the healthcare facility. Outsourced transcription services provide integrated solutions to

Managerial staff: These services help the managerial staff in conserving the resources of the healthcare facility.

Records management staff: Transcription services aid the records management staff by providing transcripts within the required turnaround time, reports in required formats/templates and by providing them with an efficient system for tracking the work in progress

Support staff: They provide integrated solutions to the needs of support staff by enabling multiple modes of document delivery and providing them with archival facilities

IT staff: They provide integrated solutions to information technology by integrating transcription systems with the healthcare facility systems, automatically upgrading software, integrating with EMR and providing HIPAA/HITECH measures for technology during the medical transcription process.


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