Legitimate Auto Shippers Harmed by Sites Like Craigslist


Image result for Legitimate Auto ShippersMore and more people are starting to sell their items online. This includes frequently selling their vehicles through online ad sites like Craigslist. Unfortunately, wherever there is a great opportunity there is also the potential for a scam. A lot of scammers recently have targeted the innocent people who are trying to sell their cars online. It’s not only the auto seller that gets hurt by the scam either. Auto shippers and other professionals in the online car shopping industry are also being harmed by the problems created by scammers on the Internet.
Scammers may use a number of different scams on individuals who are trying to sell their cars online. These scams typically aim to get one of three things from the car seller. The first, and most common scenario, is that the scammer is trying to get information from the car seller. The second situation involves trying to scam the individual out of money. And finally there are some scammers who will actually try to get the vehicle that’s for sale without paying full price for it. Any of these scams do harm to the individual. They also do harm to people working in the bigger picture of the online auto sales business such as those people who work as auto shippers.
Let’s take a closer look at how one of these scams might work. You place an ad online advertising your vehicle for sale. You receive an email from someone who is a scammer (although you don’t know it at first, of course). The email seems legitimate enough; it asks whether the vehicle is still available and perhaps also inquires about some of the details of the car. You provide that information and then the person replies to let you know that he or she is interested in buying the car. They ask you to assist them in completing the sale by going to an unrelated website and filling out information. This information is typically personal information including your credit card or checking account information, auto history or auto insurance information. It may sound legitimate (as if the person needs the account to transfer the money to you) but if you’re savvy about online scams then at this point you realize that the person is merely trying to get information from you that will probably be used later in the commission of identity theft.
The individual who gets suckered in by one of these scams is clearly in the most trouble here. He or she loses personal information and risks losing their identity along with some money. Plus they haven’t really sold the car. But how does the rest of the online auto sales business get in trouble by this type of scam, As more and more people become aware of the fact that these scams are out there, they’re doing what they can to protect themselves from the scams. The result is damage to industry workers like auto shippers.
Continuing our example, let’s say that you re-post your ad after realizing that these scams exist. In order to avoid these problems, you alter your post so that it says that you’ll only work with local buyers. This may make it harder for you to make a quick sale of your car but it does alleviate some of the potential to get scammed because you’ll be able to complete the sale in person. This is where auto shippers and other people in the sales industry get harmed, though. Since you’re only willing to work with local buyers, you and the buyer have no need for the service of an auto shipper. This means that these legitimate shippers who are just trying to make a living are losing business that they had before these scams were a problem. These scams hurt everyone, which is something that we need to think about when we’re trying to figure out how to protect ourselves from them. We need to use common sense to avoid getting scammed, but we should not be so cautious that we create problems for others in this business. It’s a tough line to walk, but with more experience we’ll be able to do it.


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