Leading HP AIT-2 Tape Technology


Image result for HP AIT-2HP AIT (advanced intelligent tape) is ideal and most reliable data backup technology for work group and departmental backups. It is the superior tape format that offers remarkable and unmatchable performance, large storage capacity and low operational cost. Built-in Memory in cassette elevates the file access process and upgrades the durability. The process to access data files is very fast and accurate in this media. Its advantageous and best feature is that it’s operational and maintenance cost is also very low.
This technology provides superior compatibility with all the AIT libraries, tape drives and auto loaders. Built-in memory in the AIT cartridge improves the integrity of stored data. This drives prevent the tape cartridge from any harm or damage caused by debris because they have self cleaning heads. This self cleaning technology restrains and stops building up of debris. This mechanism provides extra protection to the AIT tape media.
The other forceful and supreme technology in AIT is Advance Metal Evaporated (AME). HP AIT-2 (Q1998A) is compatible with the AIT2 tape drives and SSL-2020 Storage Works tape library. The archival/storage life of this technology is about thirty years. The key feature of this technology is enormous recording space with low cost.
If uncompressed data of 100GB is recorded on AIT tape cartridge, then the advantage of data density provided by the AIT will be ten times more than magneto optical (MO). This means that for storing similar data volume, more than ten juke-boxes of magneto optical will be required. So the AIT technology allows the organizations to save more money and energy as it will use less floor space, cooling and power. MIC technology and dual reel AIT cartridge assist in increasing the search performance, transfer rate and also boost the load process and efficiency. AME technology extends the AIT tape’s life and ensures safe storage of information on AIT tape media for thirty years even without refreshing or tape rewinding.
HP AIT meets the challenge of regulatory compliance effectively with its WORM feature that blocks any activity that tries to erase or makes changes to the information that already has been recorded onto the AIT media. Until now, five generation of AIT format have been launched into the market and all tape versions are performing efficiently. HP AIT tape versions provide to its consumers complete backward compatibility and protection to the organization’s investment.
The extension of the AIT tape is the Super AIT tape format (1/2 inch single reel tape cartridge). SAIT also has WORM technology. Data archival in long term is not limited to some extent by the media’s abilities of data retention but it depends more on the storage platform’s life cycle. That is why AIT format is adopted and trusted by majority of the leading companies around the globe. HP AIT tape technology’s combination with the management software and supporting tape libraries offers the most reliable blend of performance, capacity, retention compliance and low cost.


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