Jigsaw Puzzles – Fun For the Whole Family


Image result for Jigsaw PuzzlesJigsaw Puzzles are fun for the entire family from the youngest kids to eldest members of the group. They range from easy to extremely challenging and one can be found to please every member of the family.
Jigsaw puzzlers are people from every walk of life. Some folks are introverts who enjoy the oneness and peace and quiet of piecing together of puzzles and others are extroverts and Type A personalities who enjoy putting together the pictures at the end of busy day. Most children have enjoyed putting together a puzzle for some the love of the childhood hobby grows into adulthood and their senior years. Many a senior citizen center routinely has a partially completed puzzle on a table with a few folks around seeking out that next perfect piece.
Puzzlers routinely have a style of assembling the pieces. Some look for all the straight edges while others look for like colors and features. Many insist that all the pieces are turned upright prior to starting the puzzle and also insist that all pieces are laid out flat with not a one on top of another. In some families it is tradition that the youngest is given the honor of assembling the final piece. Some leave puzzles out for weeks and months and work on them in at a leisurely pace while others attach them as if they are a task to be conquered.
There are versions made from wood, heavy cardboard, foam, plastic, metal and even chocolate. They come in all shapes and sizes including square, rectangles, spheres, 3D, and in the shapes of buildings, vehicles and even long sentences.
Puzzles come in all kinds of designs with some being made from personal photos. Others are made from famous art works, or children drawings. Still more are theme related like flowers, birds, trains, or any animal. Some of the more popular options include works by Thomas Kinkade, that pick up the play of the light that he is so famous for. Modern puzzles also include movie prints and scenes from popular TV shows. They come in muted, almost monotone shades, shades of black and white, and in bright neon colors. Some glow in the dark or have shimmering sparkle effects embedded in them. There are electronic puzzles and online puzzles.
Puzzles bring families together. They bring smiles, laughter and sense of accomplishment and enjoyment when worked on as a group. Next time you are looking for a fun, inexpensive family activity why not get out a puzzle and start sorting!


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