It’s Important to Have a Reliable Car Alarm Fitted


Image result for Car Alarm FittedNowadays, even an entry-level car alarm fitted on different vehicles offer features like keyless entry, power locking, engine immobilizer, remote trunk release, mute-arming, code hopping, long-range operation and multiple remote frequencies. These are all in addition to standard sensor features like a proximity alarm, interior environment monitoring, glass breakage and impact sensors.
At first glance, these features of a car alarm fitted to an automobile are appealing, since it offers a lot of deterrence for the money. However, if there is one thing we should have learned with our love for cars, there is always a trade-off when it comes to choosing lower-priced components. In the quest to capture bigger market shares, manufacturers are compelled to add more and more features to models in particular budget ranges. So, unwary customers will naturally spring for the lowest price with the most features. This is all well and good when the car alarm fitted to a car works as advertised. But a car is a harsh environment to be in. Components will degrade, loosen and fail over time. This is why car manufacturer test their new car models for tens of thousands of miles, to ensure the reliability of each and every component that goes into their cars. This cannot be said of a lot of electronics and car alarm manufacturers. And even if electronics manufacturers can test for reliability, they most likely will be sourcing their sensor and other components from suppliers who have bid for the supply contract. Even with a reliable control module, a flaky sensor can keep on triggering the system, resulting in a lot of false alarms or unreliable service down the road.
How the car alarm is fitted to the car also plays a big part in the reliability of the system. For example, a control module that suffers from extreme heat, vibration or moisture exposure will suffer from premature failure since the manufacturer may not have designed for that kind of service duty. It’s also not unknown for the immobilizer function to completely immobilize the car, even if the alarm has not been triggered. Sly thieves also find ways to disable the battery by drilling into it, cutting power to the alarm system. For this reason, an experienced and knowledgeable installer is an important part in the reliability of a car alarm fitted to a vehicle. He will know how to place the various components, sensors and things like the hood pin, to ensure that the alarm will trigger before a thief gets to disabling it.


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