Is Your Environment Safe For Your Cat


Image result for CatIt is very important to create a safe environment for your cat as, just like young children, cats are very inquisitive and love to explore their surroundings. This can lead to problems if the immediate area is not completely safe.
I have often been asked questions by new cat owners as to what they should do after getting a new cat or kitten.
The most important cat advice tip I can give is to make your decisions before getting a cat or kitten. If you really are considering adding a cat to your family, make sure that it can access safe areas for food, play and elimination. It is up to you as to whether your cat is going to be an indoor or outdoor cat as the requirements are different for each.
Many people, depending on where they live, are quite happy for their cats to roam at will. Both my cats Tikki and Cassie can come and go as they please and they very rarely do any damage to the native wildlife. Perhaps once every 18 months they might bring in a bird, but every night they both bring in mice. Having a cat flap on the laundry door means they can get in and out easily.
We are somewhat spoiled however, as we live in a rural setting and the house is set back 1km from the road. Both cats have plenty of room to move around safely, the most dangerous thing they may encounter is some kangaroos or sheep.
If you live in an urban setting you will have the problem of cars and other cats to contend with. Cats are usually pretty savvy when it comes to vehicles and are able to get out of the way fairly easily. But being sociable animals, they do like the company of other cats and other people. How often have you had a cat come up and ‘talk’ to you or ask to be petted when you are out walking.
If your cat is to be allowed to roam, a collar with a tag stating the cat’s name and your phone number is essential.
If your cat hasn’t been neutered or spayed, it could also be out looking for a mate, especially at night. If you don’t want the hassle of finding homes for kittens, have your cat neutered or spayed as soon as is possible.
Dogs are an obvious problem for cats so you need to be aware of this when creating your safe environment. How many dogs are in your neighborhood, Is it safe for your cat,
People sometimes don’t realize that other cats can also be a problem. Apart from injuries through fighting, your cat can also pick up diseases and other unwanted items such as fleas from associating with other cats.
Within the house, and especially with kittens, you need to get down to their level and see just what mischief they can get in to. Open drawers, open cupboards, under furniture, dangling electrical cords can prove irresistible to an inquisitive cat.
A safe environment for your cat doesn’t have to be hard to create. Common sense preventative measures will usually suffice once the decision has been made as to whether your cat will stay indoors or be allowed to roam at will.


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