iPhone 5 – Everything You Should Know About It


Image result for iPhone 5A lot of media reports are suggesting that we are only months away from getting the latest iPhone product which is the fifth generation iPhone 5. But people are still scratching their heads as to what would be the difference between the iPhone units that they have and the next generation of iPhone that’s set to be released anytime soon.
So what are some of the things that the world knows about the upcoming iPhone 5, What are just rumors and what are actual facts. This article will help shed some light for this next generation phone together with the factors that will make it such a hot item during its release.
So far, we know that people have started giving nicknames for this amazing phone calling it either the Apple iPhone 5G or even the Apple iPhone 4S. There are a lot of industry experts and analysts and even blogs that believe that the latest product from Apple might come in anywhere between the end of September 2011 or as late as before December 2011.
People have really tuned in to the news surrounding the new Apple iPhone. From the announcement that there will be a new release to even rumored specification, nothing gets past people who have fallen madly, deeply in love with the product.
One of the most resounding rumor that has appeared through the internet websites, blogs and even YouTube channels is that the iPhone 5 will be coming out in the States and other parts of the world on October 15, 2011. People in the United Kingdom are also setting themselves for an earlier release date as they believe that the iPhone 5 will be coming out earlier in their part of the world.
While Apple has kept mum about the official release date for the product, it has been proven a thousand times over already that the iPhone 5 was supposed to follow a June 15 launch. The problem at the time was the fact that there were a lot of problems not only with the development of the operating system that was to be used for the product but also problems with the place where the actual phones were being developed. It was during this time that the violent and deadly earthquake shook Japan and made an even bigger mess because of the Fukushima Reactor incident.
People are wildly anticipating the release of the iPhone 5 because of the smarter apps that come along with the product. One of the applications that people can’t seem to stop talking about is the iMessage or iMessenger which was designed and developed specifically to duke it out with the RIM and Blackberry’s BBM or Blackberry Messenger.
Physically speaking, people are also talking about the facelift that was rumored to be given to the fifth generation iPhone. Rumors suggest that the phone will have a more metallic back area while at the same time expanding the screen to better accommodate the full HD or High Definition properties of the product.


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