Incinerator, A New Sustainable Technology


Image result for Sustainable TechnologyEvery year tonnes of rubbish and waste materials produced in developing countries and is steadily increasing due to increased industrial activity, agriculture, and the number of users in this country. What happen is we can see that many of these developing countries still not be able to fully overcome the problem of waste management effectively. Now, they still shackled by this waste management problems that become more deepened, while developed countries like Japan and Germany are close to a decade of using incineration technology, continue to build without having to think about the problem trivial.
Incinerators are generally alternative technologies for waste management methods to process waste through the combustion process. Before this, the technology has many disadvantages, including allegedly affect the health of the population and environmental issues, but in line with the technological advances achieved now, construction should be reconsidered on large scales. Now, it is the time for developing countries to switch to the use of incineration technology despite conventional method of waste disposal that currently being practiced because it give an adverse effect to the environment, especially in the former landfill site that now redeveloped as a residential area or a new municipal.
It is also considered harmful in terms of property investment since landfill requires a large area and requires a long time to be rebuilt. In addition to the high cost of membrane, membrane leakage can causes serious contamination of groundwater or toxic gas release results of a chemical reaction between the waste disposal. Unlike the old incineration technology, continuous research for nearly a decade and allow scientists to improve the method and process of screening variety of gases and active pollutants and restore clean air.
Today, the world is introduced to a variety of advanced incinerators that meet the highest standards of environmental conservation, no foul smells and the interesting architecture so some can be used as an icon of tourism in the area. In fact, the technology is also experiencing a revolution when it was built with a combined electricity generating plant fully tap the heat energy produced from burning waste to generate electricity again.


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