In The Realm Of Leadership – Error, Immorality, Bullying And Greed Will Never Prevail


Image result for Realm Of LeadershipHave we not found this to be so true on the area of finance and banking and economic strategy and even political leadership, The consequences are sad and tragic and affect the lives of millions of people.
False prophets and false teachers and false leaders, are like wells without water!
They can promise much but produce little.
They are like promising clouds, which appear to be full of rain, in a dry land, but the clouds pass over and no refreshing water falls.
Those who lived where Simon Peter wrote his second letter would know exactly what he was meaning. Peter writes so seriously but so truthfully and accurately, as well as spiritually faithful.
This piece emerges and flows from my study of Chapter two, and I would encourage you to read it carefully and prayerfully as it has a great deal to teach us regarding leadership at every level of business and in the world of commerce and finance, and banking in particular.
Leaders who are false and greedy are not able to minister in such a way as to meet the needs of others.
This is why we have to be careful, as to how we walk and live. We must seek to be filled with the Holy Spirit.
We are called to meet the needs of those who come to us. Our task and role is to bless, refresh, and satisfy those who come with real needs and want real help.
It must be terrible to come spiritually thirsty, wanting a spiritual drink, and spiritual satisfaction, and to have to go away without being satisfied.
Peter is never slow to sound the warning, and he cautions people to beware and to be aware of those who are in it for what they can get out of it rather than to serve and bless and satisfy!
It can all sound so impressive, so deceivingly impressive, and words can be such a cover for powerlessness, so promising but not fulfilling and satisfying.
A result of being under the ministry of a false prophet or false teacher, or a false bullying greedy leader in the business world, is to fall back into the attractive sins from which a person had been rescued and saved.
Some people become worse.
Verse 20 in Peter’s second letter in his second Chapter shows how easy it is to be entangled again, in all the nets of sin, where you can be caught by the very nets from which you were once set free.
It is possible to have known the way of righteousness and then to turn from it, or to be turned from it, by a false prophet, or a false teacher, or a bad misleading leader.
Then a man can become violently opposed to anything as demanding and challenging as the Cross of Jesus Christ.
When a dog has something in it that it wants out, it vomits it out. It knows that it is bad for it, but alas, one of the bad habits of dogs is that it goes back to it.
In verse 22, we then have the illustration and picture of the sow. To be washed and to come out of that mud and muck and filth, and then to return to it! What is Peter teaching here, Is he referring to Gentile dogs and as Jewish believer in Jesus Christ is he referring to the need for Jews too to come to Jesus Christ the Jewish Messiah and to remain faithful to Jesus Christ, the King of the Jews,
To come out of the world to Jesus Christ, and then to return to the world, because of some false leader is a horrendous thought to consider, and would make us cry out in prayer, “God forbid”.
The freedom we have in Christ is not freedom to sin, but freedom from sin, and I want to keep that freedom.
A preacher once got away from preaching and teaching this Word. He began to preach new philosophies, and the latest thinking, and he no longer preached Jesus Christ and His Holy Word.
One lady put a piece of paper in the pulpit with this written on it, “They have taken away my Lord, and I know not where they have laid HIM.”
That had little effect, and after a few weeks she felt it right to place another piece of paper, and this time it had, “Sir, we wish to see Jesus”. This had the desired affect and he got back to preaching the truth of the Word of God, so she put another piece of paper in the pulpit, with the Scripture verse, “Then were the disciples glad when they saw the Lord.”
She knew she had a responsibility and this was how she did it. When asked about this later she said that she would never criticise, but inform her pastor and preacher as lovingly, and privately, as she could, in the love of Jesus.
Now, that is leadership of the highest quality!
No matter where we lead and serve, we are called upon to set an example of the highest calibre. Heresy is a choice or a sentiment. Heresy is an opinion, arising from the self and the ego. It is a moral issue rather than a spiritual or theological matter.
One of Peter’s strong lessons in this chapter is this.
We see the triumph of righteousness and the ultimate punishment of the unjust.
If they did not get off, then no more will today’s heretics get off. Error does not and will not prevail!


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