How to Save Cash While Buying a New Car


Image result for Save Cash While Buying a New CarThere has never been a better time in the last 50 years, as there is today to buy a new car. Interest rates are at record lows, dealerships have shut down, causing a huge excess of inventories, and the bankruptcy of two large auto makers means that they need your cash, even if they have to sell vehicles for outlandishly low prices. So, how can you take advantage of these deals, and get the best bang for your buck, Here are a few ways to make sure you save the most possible money while buying a new car.
#1 Stay In ChargeMake sure the dealer knows who’s in charge. Go into the dealership with the attitude that you will pay one price for the car, and not a penny over. If the dealer wants your business, he will have to come down to your level, not stay at his level. Make it clear from the get go that you will not budge with your price, and that there are hundreds of other dealerships out there that want your business. You can just go over to one of them if the salesman doesn’t want to do exactly what you want.
#2 Do your HomeworkMake sure to spend a couple hours before hand studying everything you need to about the vehicle you are going to buy. This means, the average sale price, the invoice price, and the retail price of the vehicle. Also, shop around at your local banks for a loan, instead of simply taking the offer that the dealership will give you. Often times you can save a couple hundred bucks taking a bank loan instead.
#3 Put as Much Money Down as PossibleThe more money you put down on a car, the lower the interest rate of the loan, as well as loan term will be. Don’t just take out credit, because you’d rather pay the money later. In the long run you will be saving a ton of cash if you put down a bigger down payment.


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