How to Get Car Insurance with No License


Image result for Automobile LoanThere are a lot of people I’ve met who are so paranoid about trying to get insurance without a license that they would never try it for the fun of it. But in a way I do understand where they’re coming from, it doesn’t quite make enough sense that someone would want insurance when they don’t have a license. No license insurance is in fact very possible; you must just do what it takes to find out.
You might not have realised this by now but there a number of informal insurance companies that don’t require a lot of paperwork in order to process your registration under their insurance company. Visit the internet a Google up ‘no license insurance companies’. Under the search results you will be surprised to find a dozen companies that offer insurance without asking for your license.
On the other hand you can take a gamble and just visit an insurance company in your area without a license. Go straight into the procedures of registration and just hope they don’t ask for insurance. Chances are that they won’t even ask for a license. I once went to an insurance company and they forgot to ask for my license. They called me and told me to come with it so that they could make photocopies. I just told them that i was busy for a month away on business and during that time i made sure I would have gotten one.
Your next best option is going to an insurance company with a learners. To them this is an obvious intention to procure a license. But you must ensure that you do get a valid driver’s license in the timeframe you said you would have taken one.
There is a form of car insurance called 3rd party insurance that allows you to be covered under someone else’s insurance policy. You can ask for one of your parents to have you covered under their policy if they can afford it. But it would be better if you offered to contribute a small portion towards that form of insurance.
Ask the insurance company if they can offer you short term insurance. Under normal circumstances they will agree to cover you if you pledge to get a long term policy the moment you do get a license. His is because insurance companies don’t offer insurance for long term periods if you don’t have a license. Logically it therefore makes sense that they wouldn’t deny you short term insurance.
Be sure to go there with a good natured attitude and you might get lucky. There are a lot of people who get favours simply because of their good attitude.


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