How to Fix Windows Start Up Errors


Image result for Fix Windows Start Up ErrorsHave you ever encountered a Windows Startup Error, It happened because one or some of your critical system files are missing or corrupted. To deal with the Windows Startup Error, you have to first identify the related files and restore them.
Note down the name of the file, service or program in the error message, then do the following.

Start Run… type “”, then the “System Configuration Utilities” will be opened

Search for the names of the files or services you saw in the error message, they will be in either , , SERVICES or START-UP tabs.

If the file in the error message is listed, you need to restart your computer with Windows CD. (If the file in the error message doesn’t appear in any other these tab, my method here cannot help you. Please search for other solutions, or contact a professional.)

With the Windows CD, You should be asked if you want to repair or install Windows. Choose “Repair” by pressing “R”, then press C.

The Recovery Console should appear.

Choose the option that enables you to install Windows. Select the Administrator account and type in your Administrator password, then hit Enter.

Another Windows will pop out, select the SystemRootSystem32 folder.

Type in “listsvc”, then hit Enter.

Search from the list for the name of the driver or service that appears on your startup error messages.

Type “disable XXXXXX” (Replace the XXXXXX with the name of the service), then hit Enter.

A message should pop out. Type Exit, and hit Enter.

Take out the Windows CD

The computer should automatically restart. If the problem should be solve by now.
Windows Startup Error is one of the common PC errors. PC error will compromise your PC performance it may eventually crash your system if you do not take it seriously. Think about the process you need to do in order to fix the Windows startup error. Is it troublesome, How many kind of other errors you may encounter in future, To protect your computer, you should use a proper PC error fixer to fix those errors regularly.


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