How to Find the Right Raw Food Coach


Image result for Right Raw Food CoachAre you looking for the support of a raw coach,
As you embark on this raw food journey, you may realize that you need some assistance to help you succeed. I highly recommend enlisting the services of a raw coach. What is a raw coach, A coach is someone who supports you to help you reach your goals. A coach and a counselor are different. A counselor will allow you to talk through your issues, but often is not there to provide a solution. A coach, on the other hand, will help you identify challenges and create a plan to overcome them. A coach helps you to resolve problems and move forward.
I highly suggest a coach for those who are struggling and are ready to give up on their goals. A coach might be able to help you identify the obstacles preventing you from meeting your goals. Many times, these obstacles have nothing to do with your diet. There are so many factors involved in the struggle to become and remain consistent in the raw lifestyle.
Do not be afraid to pay for a coach; this will be one of the best investments you have ever made. Even if you sign on for just one month, this time will be a valuable investment in yourself. If you are really serious about living a healthier life, then get the help of a coach. Personally, I would rather pay for a coach than for a doctor any day.
So, how do you find a coach, What should you look for in a coach,
As you no doubt have seen, the raw movement is really gaining momentum. There are several raw food coaches available to help you. Below is a list of qualities to consider when you are looking for a coach:
Look for a coach who targets a specific group of people.
If you are struggling with weight loss and want help losing weight, you might find it helpful to enlist a coach who focuses on weight loss and the raw lifestyle. A coach focused on emotional eating may also fit your needs. Take caution if you encounter a coach who focuses on everything; weight loss, treating cancer, treating diabetes, etc. I am not saying that such a person could not help you, but a coach who has more narrowly defined his or her audience will be able to give you more focused help, because he or she will be more familiar and experienced with your particular issues.
Always look for a coach who will give you a free trial.
Most coaches will give you 15-30 minutes of time to try their services. This way, both of you will be able to determine whether the relationship is a good fit, which is beneficial for you and the coach. If you find that you do not click with the coach or his or her style, you are not locked in or committed to anything. The free trial process can also give the coach an idea of whether he or she will be able to help you become successful.
Find a coach who has been in your position.
This is optional, but valuable. Someone who has not had your exact experience can still help you. However, I believe that when you work with someone who has walked your path, he or she will bring knowledge and experience that cannot be learned elsewhere. No book can teach someone as well as experience can. It is important to remember that everyone has something valuable to share, so keep an open mind when considering potential coaches.
My personal thoughts
Most coaches know and believe that you have everything you need to meet your goals and gain success. Coaches are there to help you uncover what already lies deep within you. They are there to help you clear obstacles and take actions that will lead you to positive results. A good coach will help you discover the processes and solutions that are right for you. I believe that the best coach is one who knows that you already have the right answer.
No one knows what you need better than you do, but sometimes you need a little help clearing your mind to find the best path to success and health.


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