How the Times Have Changed Technologically


Image result for Times Have Changed TechnologicallyI was travelling to office from my home at Mumbai. I took an AC bus for the extra comfort. The bus usually crowded was surprising almost empty at this hour. As I entered and moved ahead towards my seat, I saw a little kid [probably around 10 yrs old] holding a book-like thing and fiddling with it. On a closer look, I realized that was not a WAS AN IPAD!! A 10 year old kid playing on an iPad! How the times have changed I thought. . .
Thinking about it, its so true. They say times were much simpler when Orange and BlackBerry where just fruits We have come such a long way, from when the cell phone was of the size of a cordless phone and belonged only to the elite to a time when a device worth more than a phone is easily handled by a kid! One of the 1st cell phones!
I still remember the times when the cell phone had arrived in India. People were charged for incoming calls as well back then. Outgoing call rates were high and you had to think whether you actually need to make the call before you make one. The phone was one of the 1st cell phones almost too big to fit in a pocket. Touch would only refer to the human sensation back then. Nowadays Touch means HTC Wildfire, Nokia 5800, Sony Xperia etc. Another ancient device was the Pager! Which has been conveniently replaced by SMS in mobile phones and Tweets on the Internet!
Times have changed from the monitory standpoint as well. Salaries in the 1970s would range from a few hundreds to 1 or 2 grand. A salary figure in thousands would clearly signify richness. There wasn’t modern technology back then. Life wasn’t simple, work wise. But wasn’t it much more simpler. . .life wise, A small family, a daily job, an income to sustain the family, having dinner with the family being close to you family and relatives. Being a child and playing outdoors, running around and having fun.
What if you could escape everything and go back, Maybe the 70s is too old to go back. But what about your childhood. The times when the most of us were the happiest. School sucked yes, but we dint have so many worries and responsibilities back then. Technology wasn’t much used then as it is now. What if you could forget you work troubles, the tension of deadlines, the pressure of submissions, the worry of payscale and the absence of job satisfaction. . . and go back to those times. Maybe only for a day, would you go back to the simple life so void of technology. Would you survive a day without email, without instant messaging, without your quadcore proc PC or without your 7 inch touch tablet. All these things wouldn’t be there, but would you really miss it, What would rather have: enjoy the advances of technology at your fingertips OR enjoy the simplicity of childhood. . .I think I’d gladly choose the latter. The times have changed and I want to go back!
Sometimes I wonder, technology is moving ahead so fast and new devices are being made existing ones are getting smaller with added functionality.
Technology will never stop. We shall keep growing old with the simultaneous advent of new technology. And soon enough we”ll be too old to enjoy it. Kids then, would be so advanced, with all the gadgets they’d have and the new ones they’d get. And for some reason, stupid or not it worries me about how I’d feel when that happens when a kid would use new technology and rub it in cause I’d be too old to be able to use the same. . . How would you feel,


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