How Technology Helps Our Daily Lives


Image result for TechnologyTechnology can do wonders for you. It can think for you, it can work for you, help you increase your efficiency and what else, It can even manage and help you with your weight loss program too. Surprised, But it is true. You can un clutter your mind and store all of the alarms, prompts and notices in your computer and use it to guide your day to day activities.
You can begin your weight reduction program by first setting up an excel sheet to monitor you daily intake and calculate calories. This log takes only a few minutes to be set up. You do not have to update the information every time you have a meal.
Of course you are not expected to run to the computer every time after a meal to update the log sheet. You can make a note in a small pad and update once, at the end of the day.
After a while, when you review what all you have eaten in a day, you will be surprised to find that a lot of un necessary and high calorie snacks have been the major contributors to your daily food intake. Now this knowledge helps you to work towards doing away with these dangerous snacks and stick to healthy foods instead.
It is not only the junk food that will show up on your calorie log but the sweets and sugars but also the soda and aerated soft drinks that cause much damage by increasing sugar levels with the high calorie contents. You will have to work towards replacing all of this with low calorie foods such as fruits and veggies and learn to balance calorie intake.
Red meat is not good for your diet. It is advisable to replace this with light mean chicken and fish, which is good for your health.
When you eat at least five servings of veggies, greens and fruits every day, you will find that your body metabolism improves and you feel good. They not only provide required vitamins but help remove toxins and prevent cancer too.
Now you know how your computer has been your friend and helped you streamline your diet. Next part of your regimen can be to plan your work out sessions and intensify your exercises and workouts. You can set up similar charts to help you monitor your workouts.


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