How Important is Exercise the Older We Get


Image result for ExerciseIf you look around and pay attention, the fitness craze has certainly not diminished a single bit. People all over the world continue to use and buy exercise equipment becoming more and more concerned with physical fitness.
Ideally, we should be active and slim. However, when it comes to longevity a recent study shows that as we get older physical activity is actually more important than our weight. This study is great news for so many of us that might struggle with our weight as we age.
In this study, exercise experts from the University of South Carolina tested about 2,600 people age 60 and up. Over a twelve year period they looked closely at how body fat and physical fitness affected these 2,600 peoples death rate, publishing the results in the Journal of the American Medical Association.
Believe it or not, this study showed that the men and women who were physically active, (determined by a treadmill test) but were overweight or obese had a lower risk of death than those with a low fitness level but of normal weight.
Some say that this study showed that if there was even a modest effort to increase physical activity it can lower the risk of death and provide significant health benefits.
This study also showed a death rate four times higher for those who were ranked in the lowest bracket compared to participants ranked near the top for fitness.
As the populations of many nations age, people in the US as well as other countries seem to continue to live increasingly sedentary lifestyles contributing to an increasing rate of obesity. We can clearly see that these facts coincide with the latest testing.
Regardless of the type of physical activity you chose, it is a very good practice to raise your heart rate for fifteen minutes each day and include a healthful diet with lots of fruits, vegetables and whole grains.
If you are obese several small 10 minute walks per day may not help you lose very much weight but based on these recent studies coupled with a healthier diet our risk of a premature death may be reduced even the older we get.


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