Health and Safety Training – Respiratory Protection in the Workplace


Image result for Respiratory ProtectionIn many cases our job and workplace can expose us to substances that are harmful for our bodies. These can be airborne and may not be detected by us unless we have the air tested. If we are exposed to harmful airborne toxins it can be fatal or can result in serious permanent health problems. It is important to have health and safety training in the workplace to learn about the deadly toxins we can be exposed to and how to protect ourselves from them. Having a respirator is the most essential way to prevent respiratory problems. Below are some helpful safety training tips to protect you from toxic fumes and vapors in any workplace.
A respirator is a good device to wear when toxic fumes are present in the workplace. If you wear a respirator correctly you can avoid being exposed to harmful air contaminants. Any sort of vapors, smokes, gases and fumes can be eliminated from your respiratory system by wearing a respirator. A respirator will allow you to breathe normally without inhaling any of the toxic air contaminants your workplace may have. Each respirator has a filter which extracts the harmful contaminants from the oxygen you breathe. Health and Safety guidelines will teach employees how to correctly wear a respirator to avoid inhaling harmful toxins.
According to safety regulations offices and employers should also be maintaining respirators so they can function properly when required. Respirators should go through regular inspection so that they are disinfected, cleaned and any repairs can be made if required. Regular medical checkups should be provided to staff so that exposure levels can be checked. If an emergency chemical outbreak occurs health and safety training will inform employees what steps to take to escape safely and securely without exposing themselves to harmful toxins. Employees are also trained during health and safety training to call the right authorities for help so the problem can be diffused quickly.
Safety Posters and warning signs can help enforce awareness and safety procedures in the high risk areas of the workplace. Rooms that are used for chemical storage especially should have safety posters put up that outline the steps employees should take in the event of an emergency. Taking precaution will reduce the occurrence of work related injuries. By holding regular health and safety training employees can understand the risks and injuries that can befall them in a workplace. Safety training allows employees to address any concerns or questions they may have so that they are well informed and know exactly what to do in an emergency situation.
If your office or workplace does not conduct regular health and training sessions it may be a good idea to consult your boss or human resources department. Health and safety training outlines major topics such as fire safety, cleanliness and hygiene, chemical safety, electrical safety and much more. Basic first aid knowledge can be shared with employees so that they can provide assistance to injured employees in an emergency situation till the proper authorities arrive. If health and safety training is conducted properly it can even save the life of an employee.


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