Image result for Food DietHave you ever suffered from digestive issues, unclear thinking, or a lack of energy, Then keep reading. I’d like to share my story of how I went from having these problems to eliminating them – all naturally with the raw and living food diet and lifestyle.
I have a life full of great health, energy and vitality, but it always wasn’t this way. I used to have my share of health problems: continual lack of energy, severe bloating (diagnosed as Irritable Bowel Syndrome or IBS), and that “fogginess-in-the-brain” feeling. My body also started reacting to food by hiccuping when I ate chicken or eggs. I felt like my body was saying “No more of this!” but I didn’t know what “this” was. I wanted answers. I wanted healthy preventative solutions – not just reactive bandaids. I began my journey to figure out what was going on and to try and reverse it for the better.
My husband had heard about a raw food potluck and invited me to go as a “date” and although this wasn’t our normal type of date, I decided to be open since I was tired of suffering. At the potluck, our eyes were checking out this colorful and great smelling food, wondering how it was going to taste. As I sampled this fantastic-looking food, I immediately felt the food “energize” me – literally. If I could feel energized just by eating certain types of food that tasted great, then I wanted more of this. And so I was intrigued, right from the start. I wanted to try these cool recipes from the raw and living food diet and lifestyle.
The added energy that I felt after that first meal was just the beginning. After I started incorporating more and more raw food into my diet on a regular basis, I literally felt my body starting to heal. I noticed that the mid-afternoon sluggishness was gone, and I was feeling super-productive during the day – and evenings too. My brain was sharper and faster and I was remembering more and more. My bloating issues went away and for the first time, my digestive system was working normally. I even had some extra bonuses: glowing skin (and my acne disappeared), improved eyesight (yes, I needed a lesser prescription than I had previously) and I even lost some weight.
My life had changed in such a dramatic way that I couldn’t wait to share this with everyone! I decided to become a health coach and get certified as a Raw Food Chef and Teacher, teaching the raw and living food diet and lifestyle to others who are suffering, so that they can heal themselves.

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