Google Shortwave Leaked First Look Reveals AI-Powered Podcast Curations Based on User Preferences


Google Shortwave Leaked First Look Reveals AI-Powered Podcast Curations Based on User PreferencesNow, the organization’s second try for an experimental podcast curation program, Google Shortwave has been seen late a month. The leaked Brand Statement indicates that Shortwave would concentrate on intelligently filtering podcasts and providing you ones which agree with your tastes the best.
Not only that, the Shortwave program would apparently slice the podcasts up and provide you just applicable portions in order to create the most effective use of your time, accounts 9to5Google. While the report considers that guide curation and human effort can make such a feat possible, the participation of this experimental Region 120 tag group indicates that autonomous AI capacities would be utilized to attain it.

The screenshots are procured by an undercover former Google designer, also reveal a minimum home display that shows a greeting like the one found on Google Assistant. The reference of editor’s selections in the previous option could indicate the other two themes are in reality curated by AI technology operating behind the scenes.

But, considering it’s part of Area 120, Google Shortwave is not yet ready for the mainstream. The branch makes products using a concept to make them viable and attract them into the general public in due time.

Last month, Google had verified to The Verge which Shortwave is really part of this Area 120 incubator. The technology giant asserted that this new program would help users find and absorb spoken-word articles in newer ways. The 9to5Google report indicates there is a chance Shortwave could only be implemented as a feature on Google Podcasts later on.


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