God’s Word Makes Sense – A Fun Activity For Reviewing Bible Stories


Image result for God's Word Makes SenseSight, Smell, Touch, Taste and Hearing! Wasn’t God gracious to give us 5 wonderful senses to explore His amazing world, I think so! But we can also use these same senses to explore His amazing WORD. Just follow the directions below to play this fun Bible review activity to help your kids understand that God’s Word makes “sense”!
Here’s what you do:
For this game you will need to prepare 5 Sense Cards. Just take five 3 x 5 cards and place a picture of either an eye, nose, hand, tongue and ear on the fronts. Laminate them for long-term use. Place these cards in a bucket or hat marked “The 5 Senses”. Next, prepare a card that has a number one on it and another card that has a number 2 on it. Laminate these as well and then place them inside a bucket or hat marked “How Many,” You are now ready to play the game.
After going over a Bible story, have your children review the story by imagining what someone in the story might have seen, smelled, touched, tasted or heard. Pick a child to reach into the “5 Senses” bucket and pull out a card. He should also pick out a number card. Let’s say he picked the card with an ear on it and he picked the number 2. He must now give 2 ideas of what someone might have heard in the story. Reward the child for their efforts with some small prize such as a couple of M&M’s. Place the cards back into their buckets and pick a new child to play the game again.
Here are a few Bible stories to get you thinking “sensibly”:
1. Creation
a. Sight – stars, light, animals
b. Smell – animals, flowers, foods
c. Touch – grass, flowers, furry creatures
d. Taste – foods, water
e. Hear – chirping birds, God’s voice, Adam and Eve’s voices
2. Noah’s Ark
a. Sight – the ark, animals coming 2 x 2, rainbow
b. Smell – the animals, rain
c. Touch – the straw and hay, the furry animals, the rain
d. Taste – the food, the rain for water
e. Hear – people crying to get into the ark, the sound of God shutting the door to the ark
3. Joseph Sold into Slavery
a. Sight – His beautiful coat, His dreams, His brothers throwing him into the well, the darkness of the well,
b. Smell – the animals in the caravan that took Joseph away, strange smells in Egypt
c. Touch – the harsh pulls and pushes of his brothers as they threw him in the well, the pulling out of the well by strangers from Egypt
d. Taste – Strange new foods in Egypt, perhaps the taste of well water
e. Hear – His own screams for help, the cries of the prisoners when he also was in prison, the promise of the cup bearer


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