Gmail to Get iOS Updated With Assistance for iPad Pro (2018) Displays

Gmail for iOS Updated With Support for iPad Pro (2018) Displays

Gmail to Get iOS Includes a new Upgrade that finally makes it Optimized for Your 2018 iPad Pro’s Exceptional display.

Working with different aspect ratios and display sizes is a normal paint point to the app developers on Android, but the situation is quite distinct for iOS developers. Having a fixed variety of aspect ratios to deal with, the iOS developers usually get a finite amount of permutations and combinations to utilize letting them optimise their programs for each Apple device.

Gmail to get iOS app’s latest upgrade (version 5.0.190113) has one note under the What is New segment that reads”Now optimized for the newest Apple iPad Pro”. This brings good news to the iPad Pro(2018)(Review) users who have been waiting for the Gmail app to appear native on the new aspect ratio using thinner bezels and curved edges.

Be aware that this is not the same as the new Material Design Gmail program update that we had earlier reported.

Gmail is only one of the popular programs which have had to push an update for its newest aspect ratios and resolutions of all the iOS devices. Instagram also has been reported to optimise its app for its newest iOS displays.


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