Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay, Setting, and Story Revealed

Far Cry New Dawn Gameplay, Setting, and Story Revealed

Far Cry New Dawn is a direct sequel to Far Cry 5.
Announced at The Game Awards 2018, it attracts gamers back to Hope County, Montana years following Far Cry 5’s nuke-filled fiery conclusion in which you have to compete with a new enemy faction of pirates called the Highwaymen. The Far Cry New Dawn launch date is February 15 and is priced at $40 at the US. No Far Cry New Dawn cost for India was announced just yet. The Same as Far Cry 5, It Is Going to be coming into the PS4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.
Far Cry New Dawn gameplay
Outposts return and are now connected to a all-new Escalation manner : gamers first must overcome these Outposts, before scavenging for resources such as ethanol. Abandoned Outposts are maintained by progressively higher-level Highwaymen, who reinforce the facilities while enhancing the alert systems. Meanwhile, the players can embark on Expeditions to exotic areas of the USA. These are basically smash-and-grab missions to claim valuable resources.
Weapons and crafting: every thing owned in America is currently makeshift, and so highly lively. Unique, signature weapons replace the old world off-the-shelf armoury, and every makeshift weapon can be updated with the appropriate resources. The Saw Launcher, for example, hurls singular circular saws to begin with, but eventually three can fire at once. Weapons are tailored to the workbench at home base.
Guns for Hire: Ubisoft admits that Far Cry New Dawn is more balanced to give co-op players the best possible experience, for those playing solo the new Guns for Hire is an option. Among the Guns for Hire made known so far are 17-year-old Carmina – the daughter of Nick and Kim Frye (Carmina was the new-born in the Far Cry 5 assignment’Special Delivery’). There is additionally Nana, an older lady who’s a stealthy sniper, described as a sharp shooter using a sharp tongue.
Fangs for Hire: there is a brand new dog known as Timber, an Akita, that can accompany players in vehicles, head out of the window. There is Horatio a giant hog. Horatio is trained to attack intruders, and is capable of flinging Highwaymen around like toys, three or four at a time.
Far Cry New Dawn setting and story
Hope Country is not a post-apocalyptic wasteland like the Fallout games: America has just recently emerged from the grasp of a nuclear winter, and Hope County has been fortunate to benefit from the vagaries of a resurgent mother character. Those individuals that lived have emerged to a new Super Bloom biome; vibrant and filled with life.
Familiar characters are back: led by Kim Rye from Far Cry 5, the Survivors set a house base, where children can be kept secure and prosper. The generation of ethanol becomes a priority, fuelling farm vehicles and machinery, and maintaining transportation on the go. As resources have been chosen, the home base facilities improve, with updates to the Training Camp, Garage, Healing Garden, and Cartographer amongst others.
Far Cry New Dawn villains
There are two main antagonists in Far Cry New Dawn — siblings Mickey and Lou, the twin daughters of the dad and Highwaymen creator. Mickey and Lou would be the team’s leaders, complementing each other’s challenging personalities.They’ve grown used to civilians surrendering on sight and could shape up as formidable foes.

Considering that we have seen Far Cry 4 in November 2014, Far Cry Primal at February 2016, and Far Cry 5 at March 2018. Far Cry New Dawn’s release just a year since Far Cry 5 makes us wonder if it is a stop gap name in between bigger, possible showings such as the alleged Watch Dogs a firm launch date for famous titles such as Beyond Good and Evil 2.


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